December 2012

A $2 million gold prize for blindness cure

Singer Art Garfunkel has teamed up with two of his former college buddies to put $2 million worth of gold bullion on the table for whoever can find a cure for blindness by 2020. The prize will be given to the person or persons “most responsible for ending blindness” by Dec. 13, 2020, according to the prize website. Garfunkel’s partners in the endeavor are his former Columbia University roommates: Sanford “Sandy” Greenberg, an investor and chairman of the Wilmer Eye Institute’s Board of Governors at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who was blinded by glaucoma as a college junior, and Jerry I. Speyer, a real estate magnate and philanthropist in New York.


Is the tobacco plant Nicotiana alata the key to saving crops from fungus?

In her latest edition of Nature’s Pathways, Shannadora Hollis explores the fungus-fighting potential of ornamental tobacco.

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