December 2012

Meet Peter Cresswell, a new associate editor for The Journal of Biological Chemistry

In August, immunologist Peter Cresswell at Yale University joined The Journal of Biological Chemistry as an associate editor. Cresswell spoke with ASBMB Today about his research interests, his thoughts on the JBC and his career path.


An essential debate

Is a particular dietary recommendation harming people in the U.S.? For almost 20 years, scientists have been arguing over whether Americans and others on a typical Western diet are eating too much of omega-6s, a class of essential fatty acids. Some experts, notably ones affiliated with the American Heart Association, credit our current intake of omega-6s with lowering the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Others, which include biochemists, say the relatively high intake of omega-6 is a reason for a slew of chronic illnesses in the Western world, including asthma, various cancers, neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease itself.

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