September 2013

An open letter...


…to our readers who have something
to say but need a place (and maybe
even permission) to say it

Open Letters logoDear Reader,
This is your magazine. Seriously, it is. You support it when you renew your ASBMB dues, share its contents with your friends and colleagues, crack it open on the train and even when you use it as a coaster for your coffee mug. It’s yours.
Over the past two years, we’ve worked hard to get more of you in these pages. We’ve asked for your science-inspired poems (thanks for humoring me), your unique perspectives (keep ‘em coming), and, most recently, your inspiring stories of failure and triumph (the “Derailed but Undeterred" series). Your contributions have transformed this magazine into one with greater depth, unique storytelling and diversity of ideas.
For our next essay series, to be published in 2014, we want your letters. Now, yes, we always welcome your letters to the editor, but this time we’re looking for open letters – ones addressed to someone or something (keep reading if “something” sounds odd) but intended for public dissemination.
Perhaps you, like our in-house science writer, Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, once had a faculty member say just the right thing when you were having a nervous breakdown during your Ph.D. qualifying exams, and you want to thank that person publicly. Perhaps there’s a technique or an instrument that’s been the bane of your existence, and you need to vent your frustrations and tell it exactly what you think of it. You might even have sent a letter to someone years ago that now deserves wider distribution.
To have your open letter considered for publication, do the following:

  • • Send us your letter in a Word document or in the body of your email. Letters with fewer than 1,000 words are preferred, but longer letters won’t be rejected outright.
  • • Include a brief author biography of 100 words or fewer.
  • • Send your letter to by Dec. 31, 2013.

EDITED Nov. 12, 2013: ASBMB membership is not required. We welcome submissions from all of our readers.
I look forward to reading your epistolary masterpiece!
Angela HoppAngela Hopp
Editor, ASBMB Today

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