May 2013

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The quiet creep of Alzheimer’s, April 2013
Since our article was published, Jodi Bottoni (left) had to place her mother, Jacquie Berg (center), in an assisted-living home. Their friend KC Jones (right) reports that Berg is very happy there. She has made friends, and she sings and dances. Bottoni now is trying to catch up on the parts of her life that she missed while taking care of Jacquie full time.

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President’s Message “New meets old,” March 2013
I very much enjoyed your “Kluyver” article. Most beginning biochemistry students take the “Unity of Biochemistry” pretty much for granted, although they would never recognize that their, or their professor’s, choice of an organism for study depends on incidental properties that have nothing to do with this Unity. You might be most interested in a long paper of mine: “From ‘Butyribacterium’ to ‘E. coli’, An Essay on Unity in Biochemistry,” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 47, 47–66 (2004). Some people did not like it, since it did not praise Monod to the heavens, but many agreed.
Herbert Friedmann 

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