March 2013

Why you should judge posters at the ASBMB annual meeting

Your abstract for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting is in, and you’re starting to put together your poster or presentation. You’ve made your travel arrangements and are about to get back to preparing for this afternoon’s lab when you notice an email inviting you to serve as a poster judge for the undergraduate poster competition. We’re hoping to convince you to join us by telling you how the process works and about the benefits that we have received by participating.

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header: The Rubric 
quality of scientific content
poster quality
presentation quality
ownership of the research
ability to answer questions
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category blue box: cell signaling 
category blue box: nucleic acids 
category blue box: proteins and enzymes 
category blue box: systems biology 
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special circumstances 
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tips for poster-makers 

Paul CraigJohn TanseyPaul A. Craig ( is a professor of chemistry at Rochester Institute of Technology. John Tansey ( is an associate professor of chemistry at Otterbein University.

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