October 2012

Transitions: We all go through them

Transitions, Education and Professional Development

Beyond College: Coping with Some Common Challenges
Transitioning Beyond the Bench
Jobs in Industry
Navigating Mid-Career Transitions
Transitioning from Student to Professional
Training for a World in Transition
Promoting Concept Driven Teaching Strategies in BMB through Concept Assessments

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No matter where you are today — student, postdoc, just starting out in your professional career or well into your chosen career path — sometime in the future, you’ll be facing the prospect of a change. This could come about because you’re moving on to the next step in your career or because you decide it’s time to change direction. With change comes transition, the experience of moving from one situation to another, which can be exhilarating or challenging — and often both at the same time.

This year, the Education and Professional Development Committee decided to focus its program on those transitions we all go through during our careers and to try to answer some questions about these transitions. How do we decide to make a change and which change to make? When should we make it? How do we cope with the transitions we encounter along the way? How do we train for a world in transition?

During these sessions, we will consider transitions from the perspectives of those making the changes and of those training others. Speakers will share their personal experiences as well as professional knowledge, providing insights and tips into transitioning into a variety of career paths away from the bench (e.g., law or high-school teaching) and transitioning at multiple career phases.

Everyone knows you have to transition through training — college to graduate school, graduate school to postdoc (typically but not always), postdoc to first “real” job. But those of us in midcareer positions make changes too and often aren’t sure how to go about it. So we’ll have a session that focuses on this type of transition and hear both from people who’ve done it and from a professional career adviser. We’ll also discuss how to train students for a world in transition and hear about timeless skills we all should develop.

We hope you will attend these sessions and come away with some insights and tools you may be able to use when contemplating your next transition — be it exhilarating, challenging or both.


Photo of Peter J. KennellyPhoto of Dorit ZukPeter J. Kennelly (pjkennel@vt.edu) is a professor and the head of the department of biochemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and chairman of the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee. Dorit Zuk (zukd@mail.nih.gov) is a science policy adviser to the National Institutes of Health deputy director for Extramural Research.

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