September 2012

Controlling gene expression in the dynamic genome


Transcription Mechanisms
Chromatin Remodeling During Transcription
Co-transcriptional Coupling Mechanisms
Repressive Chromatin

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Controlled changes in gene expression drive the transitions from stem cells to differentiated tissues, and many diseases are caused by misregulation of gene expression. This theme will cover four cutting-edge areas in transcription and chromatin research that will be of interest to a wide range of people. Talks will span multiple levels of analysis, from detailed molecular and genetic experiments to genomewide studies and continuing on up to looking at organism development.

The first session, on chromatin remodeling during transcription, will cover factors that assemble, move and dissociate nucleosomes to control access to the DNA template. The subject for our second day is mechanisms of transcription. It will address the events needed to create RNA from the DNA template. In addition to covering the fundamental processes of gene activation and transcription initiation, this session will address the hot topic of gene expression control during early elongation. The third session will cover co-transcriptional coupling mechanisms, a rapidly growing field that looks at how RNA processing and chromatin-modifying enzymes are physically and functionally linked to the transcription machinery. The final session will address the mechanisms in targeting and maintaining different types of heterochromatin. Large parts of the genome are heritably silenced during differentiation and development, and this process must be reversed to create induced pluripotent stem cells. Exciting new work suggests that these mechanisms involve not only histone modifications but also noncoding RNAs.

We hope to attract a wide range of scientists and provoke stimulating questions and discussions. Invited speakers include established leaders as well as emerging stars. We look forward to rounding out the sessions with speakers picked from the most exciting submitted abstracts as well as highly interactive poster sessions.


Photo of Stephen BuratowskiPhoto of Geeta NarlikarStephen Buratowski ( is a professor at Harvard Medical School. Geeta Narlikar ( is an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

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