September 2012

Sidebar: Walter Shaw’s photography

When not focused on work, Walter Shaw does photography. He caught the photography bug in college when he showed up for a yearbook meeting. He was handed a speed-graphics camera, pointed in the direction of the darkroom and informed that he was the yearbook photographer. In the first three decades of Avanti, Shaw found it hard to spare time for darkroom processing of photos. But with digital photography, he has taken up his old hobby with gusto in the past decade, simply because “you can start and stop anytime you want.” These days, he packs 35 pounds of camera equipment when he travels. (“My wife thinks I am crazy,” he says.) Shaw is now putting together a photo collection of icons of the world and preparing for his first trip to Africa next year. —Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay  

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All photos © Walter Shaw. 
Walter Shaw photo of a bear catching fish in a river in Whale Pass, Alaska 
Walter Shaw photo of Mont Blanc in the Alps 
Walter Shaw photo of Cannon Beach, Ore. 
Walter Shaw photo of the statue Atlas and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City 
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