August 2012

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Demand is high for ASBMB-sponsored career symposia
This is such a great idea. Career planning is very big in many trainees’ minds at the moment. We’ve seen an upsurge in demand for similar events at Yale. A Women in Science at Yale alumni career panel of three young alumna drew 90 students and postdocs, and a new student organization, Career Network for Yale Science Ph.D.s, has helped coordinate a number of well-attended events, such as a panel, networking session and dinner with speakers from defense careers.
Kristy Lamb, Ph.D. candidate at Yale University 



Five years of giving rural students second chances
The Aspirnaut Program will probably be something I can hold on to for the rest of my life in whatever I do. By working in the laboratory at Vanderbilt as part of this program, I have gained unprecedented knowledge that I wouldn’t receive at my high school — probably not till college. Dr. Billy Hudson … was always supportive and reminded me I was special. Every day, I walked into the lab with a new goal, a new responsibility and a new set of skills that will always be with me. From this program, I received an awesome amount of experience in a top laboratory in the country, but most importantly I gained new access to what I could become. … I don’t know what I want to be — between an engineer, doctor, researcher and a businessman. As a Junior at Omaha High School in Omaha, Ark., I can only say, “Thank you, Dr. Hudson, for everything!”
Brennan Boone 

The Aspirnaut program changed my perspective about everything I knew about college. It gave me the confidence within to believe that I can achieve the dreams I had but thought would not come true. I know now that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I owe a huge thanks to Drs. Billy and Julie Hudson. They are wonderful people who know just how to get involved with young people and give them an opportunity to become more knowledgeable. This was one of the best experiences of my entire life, and I would not have as much knowledge as I do had I not gone. I really cannot thank you more for making it possible to come to Vanderbilt and do research. It’s really amazing that this had been made possible for all these kids. I am proud to be called an Aspirnaut student and hope to stay one for life. Thank you for giving perspective and confidence this summer. I had a really great mentor, and the time spent at Vanderbilt this summer was amazing. Thank you once again!
Haley Harrington 

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