June 2012

Attn: Lipid community!

This article announces our new Web editor, Jordan Scott. Jordan is taking over for Katie Ward, who has guided the Lipid Corner through its initial growth and has done a simply marvelous job. Jordan certainly has big shoes to fill, but it seems she’s off to a great start! This is her article of introduction and touches on some of the changes she is planning on incorporating. So a huge thanks goes to Katie, and a big welcome to Jordan! — Dan Raben 

It’s not too late to register for the ASBMB Frontiers in Lipid Biology symposium

This joint meeting with the International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids and the Canadian Lipoprotein Conference will focus on dysfunctional lipid metabolism that underlies the development of many human diseases, including obesity, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, liver and lung disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

The meeting will be held Sept. 5–8 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The late registration deadline is Aug. 1. The regular registration and abstract-submission deadline was June 1.

The following topics will be covered:

  • • dynamics of triacylglycerol metabolism
  • • phospholipid Function
  • • lipid signaling and trafficking
  • • cholesterol/lipoproteins
  • • genetics of lipid-associated diseases
  • • regulation of fatty acid metabolism
  • • lipids and diseases

For more information, visit www.asbmb.org/2012LipidBiology.

You may or may not have stumbled upon the website for the Lipid Research Division of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: The Lipid Corner. As the new editor, I would like to encourage you to browse the website and check out what it has to offer. This online forum for goings-on in the lipid community provides us researchers with a platform for the following:

  • Highlighting new research publications in the lipid field. These publications draw from the broad area of lipid research and encompass novel and exciting reports perhaps not on your normal literature search radar.
  • Searching for job opportunities. The Lipid Corner posts job opportunities in the lipid field. Please contact us if you have an opening in your lab or at your institution.
  • Resources. The site provides links to lipid-research-related databases and others, including relevant webinars and recorded lectures.
  • Listings of lipid-related conferences. We keep up-to-date listings and a calendar of upcoming lipid-related conferences. (Don’t forget to register for Frontiers in Lipid Biology in Banff, Canada, this September.)
  • Showcasing news and achievements. We post announcements of awards and achievements, new hires and other news about lipid community members. Recently posted are the 2012 Avanti awards honoring George Carman of Rutgers University and the young investigator winner, Peter Espenshade of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Additionally, I would like to draw your attention to a few new things that the website will offer:

  • • A bimonthly Perspectives section, which will include reviews of recent, novel publications and other news in the field written by members of the lipid community. We plan to include topics from lipid research to training and mentoring in the lipid field
  • • A link to the new ASBMB Lipid Division LinkedIn member page. We hope that this will help lipid researchers network and stay abreast of their colleagues’ work.

As a graduate student in Rob Stahelin’s laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, I study the mechanistic activation and regulation of peripheral membrane-binding proteins. I employ biophysical tools such as surface plasmon resonance in tandem with cellular assays in these studies. The more I delve into my particular area of research, the more I realize my need for a greater understanding of lipid signaling networks and the broader lipid research field. My vision for the Lipid Corner is that it will be used as a tool and forum for research and networking for both students and senior investigators. The integration of research, news, calendar items and job opportunities is important for each of us, and we are grateful that the ASBMB has provided this platform.

Finally, we ask you, kind readers and lipid scientists, to notify us of anything that you believe would be helpful to other lipid researchers. Whether it is a new job listing, website or publication, we would be happy to showcase it for the lipid community. If you have not seen the website, please check it out for a snapshot of the current lipid research community. If you are a loyal reader, stay tuned to www.asbmb.org/lipidcorner for monthly updates.


Jordan ScottJordan Scott (jscott7@nd.edu) is the Lipid Corner’s Web editor and a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame.

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