May 2012

Updated Tabor research award will honor the 'living legend'


Late last year, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology governing body voted to rename the Herbert Tabor/Journal of Biological Chemistry Lectureship the Herbert Tabor Research Award and to increase the prize amount to $30,000.

The move came on the heels of the creation in early 2011 of a young investigator award also in Tabor’s name and reflects the society’s desire to recognize Tabor’s contributions to the journal, for which he served as editor and now serves as co-editor. “I cannot think of anyone who has given more to ASBMB than Herb Tabor, and Council was unanimous in its wish to honor him for his more than four decades of leadership of the JBC,” Suzanne Pfeffer, ASBMB’s president, said.

The lectureship, which recognized lifetime achievements, will be replaced with the research award for excellence in biological chemistry and molecular biology and contributions to the scientific community. For more information about the nomination process, click here.

“Herb has been a pillar for the society and the scientific community,” Barbara Gordon, ASBMB’s executive director, said. “This is one way for us to emphasize how much we appreciate the work he’s done – and continues to do on a daily basis. He is, indeed, a living legend, and we expect that those who are selected for this research award in years to come will be of exceptional caliber as well.”

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