February 2012

New! Mitochondria: Energy, Signals and Homeostasis

special_symposia_michigan_stateIn this inaugural symposium on mitochondrial biology, we will consider the expanding spectrum of physiological functions of this ancient organelle, often referred to as the powerhouse of the cell. Topics will explore the tightly regulated provision of cellular energy, control of intracellular ion and metabolite traffic, redox homeostasis and mediation of cell stress signals. Their centrality in cellular processes place mitochondria in a pivotal role in pathology and aging, and hence they are key targets of molecular pharmacology. Thus, the meeting will mark a departure from the consideration of mitochondria as a relic of its endosymbiotic ancestor or as an arrangement to provide a subcellular compartmentalization of various metabolic processes. Rather, we will fast-forward to these current concepts of its crucial role in the integration of cellular metabolism and its regulatory function in health and disease. 

June 27 – 29

Michigan State University (East Lansing, Mich.)
Early registration and abstract submission deadline: March 28






Organizers: Laurie S. Kaguni, Michigan State University, and Howard T. Jacobs, University of Tampere, Finland 

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