February 2012

New! Trypsin-Like Proteases: Structure, Function and Regulation

special_symposia_tahoeTrypsin-like proteases are responsible for digestion, blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, development, fertilization, apoptosis and immunity. Exciting new research reveals that conformational heterogeneity and allostery underpin the basis of biological activity in this class of enzymes. New mechanisms of regulation have emerged, along with unanticipated opportunities for therapeutic applications.
Thus, this research field must re-evaluate existing knowledge in the context of emerging new paradigms and exciting new trajectories. The meeting will bring together world-class structural biologists, enzymologists and protein engineers to discuss new developments in the field in a highly interactive environment.


June 7 – 10

Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center (Tahoe City, Calif.) 
 Early registration and abstract submission deadline: March 1 
 Organizer: Enrico Di Cera, Saint Louis University School of Medicine 


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