Issues of ASBMB Today


January   2019

To start the new year right, we offer a collection of articles, essays and tips on taking care of yourself and others. Plus our first (bio) chemical element of the month, our first Night Shift essay, and advice on how to patent an antibody.

AToday February 2019 cover

February   2019

After a 10-year decline in transfusions and donations, the goal of generating universal blood may be making a comeback; we look at the business and science of blood types in this month’s issue. Also, annual meeting advice for undergrads and a Black History Month retrospective collection. 


March   2019

As we gear up for the ASBMB’s annual meeting, meet 14 early-career investigators who will speak at special symposia hosted by the society’s three journals. Also in this month’s issue, an interview with Phyllis Hanson, a JBC associate editor, and a personal essay about the benefits of the IMAGE grant-writing workshop.


April   2019

It’s annual meeting time. Meet all the ASBMB award winners. Read about some new sessions. Check out a list of activities in Orlando, courtesy of our University of Central Florida student chapter. Also in this month’s issue, we have a Q & A with JLR editor Jean Schaffer.


May   2019

For a lipid to be clinically useful, researchers must agree on its identity and on how much of it to expect in a healthy person. In this issue, Laurel Oldach chronicles the field-wide effort to work toward such agreements. And we talk to JBC associate editor Karin Musier–Forsyth about her research and teaching.


June   2019

06 2019 In this issue, we address the issue of legally mandated mental health accommodations for trainees and researchers in the life sciences. We also look at ketamine, a fast-acting drug that offers a new way to treat depression, and invite you to meet a Princeton postdoc who studies the link between met


August   2019

In our annual careers issue, we look at how scientists form startups and offer advice on everything from business cards to midcareer malaise.  Also, a Q&A with Mike Shipston, an associate editor for the Journal of Biological Chemistry. 


September   2019

This month, we look at efforts to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease that affects one in 3,500 male babies. And you can read all about the eight thematic sessions planned for the 2020 ASBMB annual meeting in San Diego. TEXT PDF


October   2019

This month, we look at how the founder of Impossible Foods used biochemistry to build a beefy-tasting plant-based burger.  Also, meet Elaine Fuchs, one of the first researchers to study skin-derived stem cells, and Sandhya Visweswariah, a biochemist and groundbreaker for women in India.


November   2019

Science writer John Arnst talks to researchers who use cryo-electron microscopy to study recently identified giant viruses that steal the genes of their prey. We also meet Sean Davidson, a Journal of Lipid Research associate editor, and talk to the 12 researchers who will receive awards at the 2020 ASBMB annual meeting.


December   2019

This month, contributing writer Alyson Smith takes us inside the labs of Danny Reinberg and Shelley Berger who use ants to study epigenetics.  Staff writer John Arnst talks to Nobel laureate Gregg Semenza about hypoxia.  And it’s our annual gift guide!