Issues of ASBMB Today


January   2011

In the January 2011 edition of ASBMB Today, you’ll find an interview with scientific sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae, as well as an overview of the most recent UNESCO science report. We also look at some ASBMB members whose research focuses on biological toxins and look back on the lives of Britton Chance and Harvey Itano. And finally, we have a special, online-only editorial in which ASBMB Past-president Gregory Petsko writes an open letter to George M. Philip, president of the University at Albany, SUNY.


February   2011

In the February 2011 edition of ASBMB Today we celebrate Black History Month with a timeline of noteworthy black researchers and their contributions to the life sciences. We’ve also compiled a brief rundown of some of our favorite fun online science resources, as well as a list of fellowship opportunities for scientists who want to work in the policy realm. We also look at how husband and wife team Ruma V. Banerjee and Stephen W. Ragsdale balance life and the lab at the University of Michigan.


March   2011

In the March 2011 issue of ASBMB Today we look at how teachers are using cooking to help students learn science. As a bonus, we include several recipes, such as poached pears with caramel sauce and mango pineapple hot sauce. We also talk to Nobel laureate Carol Greider about life after receiving the prize and give some quick tips on making a great poster for the upcoming ASBMB annual meeting. And finally, we consider teamwork in academia and industry and explore fatty acid-mediated regulation of sphingolipid biosynthesis and its role in lipotoxicity. 


April   2011

In the April 2011 issue of ASBMB Today, we give you some last-minute tips on what to attend at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C., this month and also present overviews of the six meetings that make up the 2011 ASBMB Special Symposia Series. We also look at whether or not the major pharmaceutical companies are giving RNA interference the ax too soon and provide a wrap-up of the 2011 ASBMB Hill Day, complete with videos and slideshows. 


May   2011

In the May 2011 issue of ASBMB Today, we look at international science. You’ll find profiles of several of our international members, a look at an organization that donates scientific supplies to resource-poor institutes in developing nations, an overview of a program that trains and unites Peruvian scientists, and resources for scientists interested in training in Europe. We also have compiled a timeline of noteworthy Asian-Pacific American contributions to the life sciences in honor of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.


June   2011

In the June 2011 issue of ASBMB Today, we look at Gary Felsenfeld’s research on chromatin and explore an online video game that’s unexpectedly helping foster science outreach. Joan Herbers, president of the Association for Women in Science, also weighs in on the recent progress women have made, and ASBMB’s Angela Hopp gives tips on writing manuscript titles. You’ll also find photos and videos from the 2011 annual meeting in Washington, D.C., as well as the names of our poster competition winners.


July   2011

The industry-themed July 2011 issue of ASBMB Today contains profiles of several of our members who work in industry; a look inside a bioprocessing institute in Ireland; an overview of a new European graduate program that bridges academia and the business world; and an article on the search for on alternatives to corn-derived fuel ethanol. You’ll also find the results of the 2011 ASBMB elections and tips on how to read between the lines in a reference letter. 


August   2011

In the August 2011 issue of ASBMB Today, we explore how David Goodsell uses watercolor drawings to showcase the inner workings of the cell, and we peek inside a museum in Singapore that merges art and science. We also look at how ASBMB member Anne-Claude Gingras is providing new insights into phosp

Cover image August 2011

September   2011

The September 2011 edition of ASBMB Today focuses primarily on education. Our contributors explore the value of mentorship, outreach programming and community-service initiatives and provide K-12 classroom tips and commentary on the status of biochemistry and molecular biology programs.

ASBMB Today 201110

October   2011

The October 2011 edition of ASBMB Today contains the first installment of our annual meeting coverage. Read about the forthcoming sessions on DNA, RNA, gene regulation, protein synthesis, lipids and metabolism. Meanwhile, on the journal front, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics’ sponsored lecture series was launched, and a new Herb Tabor Young Investigator Award winner has been named. Also find a feature story on an outreach effort at Washington University in St. Louis. 


November   2011

The November 2011 the edition of ASBMB Today features Ralph Bradshaw’s reflections on the society’s former headquarters and seven Web-exclusive Q&As with longtime Beaumont House staffers. We also have launched an occasional series of reviews of BMB-related blogs. NIH news updates include: The Knockout Mouse Project, new trends in postdoc training and an interdepartmental government consortium working on new chip technology.   


December   2011

The December 2011 edition of ASBMB Today features a story on synthetic biology and its evolution from genetic engineering in the lab to exciting clinical applications. Is synthetic biology ready for its close-up? Billy Hudson rose from humble beginnings with the help of many generous people along the way. Now he’s giving back to the young students who stand where he did long ago. Read about his Aspirnaut Initiative. JBC has recognized several young researchers by choosing them as Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award winners. Read about them, their research, and their disparate backgrounds.