Issues of ASBMB Today

January 2010

January   2010

This issue of the magazine looks at how Anne-Frances Miller is exploring ways to improve sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy. You'll also find retrospectives on Mildred Cohn and Richard I. Gumport, an interview with stand-up science comedian Brian Malow and a look at the University of Oregon's Institute of Molecular Biology.


February   2010

In honor of Black History Month, the February issue of ASBMB Today looks at Ernest Everett Just and his seminal contributions to the study of fertilization and early development. Also featured, is a Valentine’s article on some ASBMB heart researchers, a retrospective on ASBMB Past-President Edwin G. Krebs and an overview of three ASBMB 2010 award winners. 

ASBMB Today 201003

March   2010

In the March issue of ASBMB Today, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology President Gregory Petsko talks about the disconnect between what we teach our grad students and postdocs and what they need to know. You’ll also find a glimpse at Jerry B. Lingrel’s research on the mechanisms of atherosclerosis and hypertension, an overview of the new JBC thematic minireview series on proteases and a look at the two new awards created by ASBMB for 2011.


April   2010

The April issue of ASBMB Today features an interview with PHD Comics artist Jorge Cham. You’ll also find plenty of information on the upcoming annual meeting in Anaheim, including an article on how to get the most from the meeting, an overview of the ASBMB annual meeting compendia and tips on how to stay connected at the meeting through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and an iPhone app.

ASBMB Today 201005

May   2010

The May issue of ASBMB Today looks at science around the world. You’ll find profiles of several of our international members; a look at the state of international science funding; and interactive maps showing the global distribution of our members, journal editorial board members and accepted journal papers.


June   2010

The June issue of ASBMB Today contains highlights from the 2010 annual meeting, including the names of our poster competition and fun run winners and plenty of photographs. You can also find out what’s big in small at the Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology, see videos by science rapper Tom McFadden and read outgoing ASBMB President Gregory Petsko’s farewell message.


July   2010

In the July 2010 issue of ASBMB Today, you can read about ASBMB’s new president, Suzanne Pfeffer, and meet ASBMB’s newest council and committee members. The issue also features a retrospective on physiology and nucleic acid biochemistry pioneer Leon A. Heppel, a look at a new PSI Biology initiative that uses high-throughput structure determination to study important biological and biomedical problems and the story of a molecular biologist turned research administrator.

ASBMBToday - 201008

August   2010

The industry-themed August 2010 edition of ASBMB Today takes a closer look at science in biotech, pharmaceuticals and other industry fields. You’ll find profiles of several of our members that work in industry; a look at some of the new technology that is being used to clean up the BP oil spill; an article about starting up a biotech company and some of the resources available to fledgling start-ups; an overview of a new agreement between UCSF and Genentech that may be a turning point in how industry and academia conduct business; and a special, online only article by Past-president Gregory Petsko about using Phase II failures in academic research.


September   2010

The September 2010 edition of ASBMB Today focuses on science education. In it, you’ll find a profile of artist, educator and biochemist Richard Hanson; a look inside the BioBus; insights into choosing a graduate program; examples of innovative approaches to integrating technology into science teaching; an article on how YouTube is changing the way science is learned; and a look at how an engineering school is using protein modeling to introduce students and teachers to the “real world of science.”


October   2010

In the October 2010 edition of ASBMB Today, you’ll find an article on ASBMB member Mina J. Bissell, who uses 3-D cell culture to look at the involvement of tissue architecture and microenvironment in the progression of cancer. There also are profiles of three of our 2011 award winners as well as an overview of stem cell policy. The October issue also contains two special online-only articles: an overview of a program that lets high school students experience scientific research, and a spotlight on Avery August.


November   2010

The November 2010 edition of ASBMB Today focuses on science advocacy. In it, you’ll find coverage of our second annual Graduate Student-Postdoc Hill Day, complete with a slide show and videos, as well as a look at what our first Hill Day alumni are doing now. We also have an article that goes inside the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy at Duke University and another that does its best to explain what a career in science policy entails.


December   2010

The December 2010 edition of ASBMB Today contains highlights from the society’s 2010 special symposia series as well as photos and videos from the inaugural USA Science and Engineering Festival. There’s also a feature on ASBMB member Ajit Varki that looks at how he uses his research on sialic acids to answer broader questions about human origins, disease and evolution, and videos from a science documentary filmmaking course at Wesleyan University.