Issues of ASBMB Today


January   2008

• FASEB launches presidential campaign initiative• A retrospective on Sophia S. Simmonds and Joseph S. Fruton• The 2008 Schachman and Sober awards• Elizabeth Neufeld: From Plants to Patients 


February   2008

• ASBMB President Heidi Hamm continues her discussion on peer review at the NIH.• A retrospective on Earl R. Stadtman, one of the great biochemists of the 20th century.• A look at the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and some of its recent endeavors.• A profile of ASBMB member Carolyn Bertozzi and her efforts to understand cell-surface glycans.


March   2008

• A retrospective on Helmut Beinert, a pioneer in electron paramagnetic resonance.• A tax primer for postdoctoral fellows.• A look at Office 2007.• An ASBMB 2008 Annual Meeting pullout guide to award lectures, special events, and scientific symposia.


April   2008

• What the NIH is doing for women in biomedical research.• Preliminary results from ASBMB’s undergraduate education survey.• A candid look at Excel 2007.• ASBMB member Solomon Snyder’s research on second messengers and signaling cascades in the brain.


May   2008

• A look at the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research and some of the scientists who work there.• The results of the 2008 ASBMB elections.• An overview of two ASBMB-sponsored meetings.• A summary of the new JLR thematic review series.


June   2008

• A recap of the 2008 annual meeting in San Diego.• a preview of the 2009 annual meeting in New Orleans.• an overview of the ASBMB science policy fellowship program.• A new JLR thematic review series. 


July   2008

• ASBMB welcomes its new President--Greg Petsko.• A look at ASBMB’s newly renovated web site.• Tips for preparing journal article graphics.• Acetylation, sirtuins, and the histone code.


August   2008

• DNA and nuclear research at the ASBMB Annual Meeting.• Is Academic Freedom a good thing?• Tips for preparing journal article tables.• Understanding genome structure and stability.


September   2008

• A look at Cornell University’s Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology.• A new column on science and communication.• Forensic image analysis.• Overviews of some 2009 annual meeting sessions.


October   2008

• ASBMB President Greg Petsko talks about impact factor.• An overview of some upcoming special features in JBC, JLR, and MCP.• A look at where the Presidential candidates stand on biomedical research.• An interview with Nobel laureate and political activist Peter Agre.


November   2008

• A retrospective on Roger A. Davis• A look at the University of Delaware’s Undergraduate Summer Research Program• A Report from HUPO on exchanging and publishing proteomics data• An overview of some science video web sites.


December   2008

In the December issue of ASBMB Today, ASBMB President Gregory Petsko gives his two cents on NIH peer review reform and Jim Wells and Mary Wooley talk about a populist movement for public health. You’ll also find grammar and writing tips for your scientific papers and the results of the 2008 ASBMB Graduation Survey.