Orlando, here we come

Published September 01 2018

Attendees gather to learn about the work of their peers at the poster session at Experimental Biology 2018 in San Diego, of which the ASBMB annual meeting is a part. ASBMB April in Orlando.

When you hear those words, you might think of spring break or Disney World. Instead, we invite you to think about something that might be even better — the 2019 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Annual Meeting. Scheduled for April 6–9 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, the meeting will feature exciting scientific and educational sessions that are sure to rival any theme park — and you won’t need to stand in any long lines.

The scientific session themes for 2019 are organized around some of the society’s historical strengths and introduce new and dynamic topics certain to represent the forefront of contemporary science. As such, the annual meeting is an opportunity for students new to the disciplines to become more familiar with core concepts and for senior investigators to hear and interact with those pushing the boundaries.

The scientific program includes 16 symposia linked to structure, function and regulation of biomolecules and systems. Sessions familiar to those who have attended the meetings for years include Catalysis and Enzyme Action, Glycobiology, and Mitochondrial Metabolism. Relatively new sessions include Advances in Cryo-EM, Autophagy, Breakthroughs in Plant Biochemistry, Aging and Longevity, Circadian Rhythm, and Inflammation. With these, we guarantee you will find twists on old subjects as well as old BMB newly applied in rapidly advancing new sciences.

2019 ASBMB symposia leaders

Hashim Al-Hashimi, Duke University
Anja-Katrin Bielinsky, University of Minnesota
Michelle Chang, University of California, Berkeley
Yifan Cheng, University of California, San Francisco
Natalia Doudareva, Purdue University
Brian N. Finck, Washington University in St. Louis
Anne Imberty, Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules Végétales
Beth Levine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Judy Lieberman, Harvard Medical School
P. Darrell Neufer, East Carolina University
Laura Niedernhofer, University of Minnesota
Julia Segre, National Institutes of Health
Amita Sehgal, University of Pennsylvania
Yang Shi, Harvard Medical School
Pablo Sobrado, Virginia Tech
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, Harvard University

As at past annual meetings, poster sessions represent an amazing opportunity to immerse oneself in topics varying from genome dynamics to chemical biology and from signal transduction to synthetic biology. Authors of selected abstracts will give short platform talks as well. Poster sessions often represent a new student’s introduction to the biochemical disciplines. Every Ph.D. trainee should attend the ASBMB annual meeting as an essential component of their developmental program.

An important benefit of attending the annual meeting is interacting with thought leaders in the field, including those receiving named awards. In addition, the 16 symposia chairs for the 2019 meeting are exceptional leader-scientists (see box). With the scope of science they cover, the ASBMB sessions and events represent an unmatched opportunity to enjoy the latest breakthroughs and hear thought leaders in a range of areas that fall under the biochemistry and molecular biology umbrella.

A unique feature of the ASBMB annual meeting is the multitude of educational and career-oriented sessions and networking events. Your participation will be rewarded not only with exposure to new science but also the chance to establish collaborations, network, and gain access to mentoring and career advice. The meeting is an exceptional opportunity for trainees to identify potential future postdoc mentors and find the latest information on new job opportunities. Representatives from life science companies and suppliers also will be on hand to demonstrate and provide information on the newest in biochemistry and molecular biology technology and resources.

Don’t wait. Submit your abstract soon. Competitive travel awards are available for eligible students and postdoctoral fellows. Submission and application sites open in September. Check ASBMB's website and future issues of ASBMB Today for all the details.

Orlando beckons, and the science, sun and surroundings await. Make the 2019 ASBMB annual meeting a priority in your spring schedule.

David Bernlohr David Bernlohr is a professor of biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Minnesota and co-chair of the 2019 ASBMB annual meeting program committee.

Hao Wu Hao Wu is a professor of biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology and of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and co-chair of the 2019 ASBMB annual meeting program committee.