The 2015 ASBMB Today gift guide

DNA duvets, plasmid watercolors, chemist cocktail kits. This year's seasonal gift guide is chock full of clever, science-themed presents that will make shopping for even the brainiest friends and loved ones a breeze.  


DNA portrait  The DNA portrait — Probably the most customizable gift possible. A "portrait" of your DNA as seen in electrophoresis gel. | Starts at $199 | By DNA11
Neuron cross stitch pattern — Download one of these science-themed cross stitch patterns from Etsy user "nerdylittlestitcher" and make a cute handmade gift for someone! | $3 per pattern | By Nerdylittlestitcher for Etsy Plasmid 13 Plasmid watercolor — Who said bacteria couldn't be pretty? This watercolor painting might be the only safe way to have anthrax in your house — the plasmid depicted is found in Bacillus anthracis which is the causative agent of anthrax! There are different plasmids as well as some non-bacterial genomes available in the seller's Etsy shop. | $14 | By sandraculliton for Etsy lampshade
Science formulas drum lamp shade — A lamp shade covered in scientific formulas. How illuminating! | Starts at $50.00 | By SweetDreamShades for Etsy
Microbe collection watercolor print — Much more practical than hanging Petri dishes on your walls — and definitely less messy! | $16 | By sandraculliton for Etsy
Human genome wall clock —This clock is functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Gotta run — I have a meeting at half past RB1! | $24.99 | By Kaksisa for CafePress
Women print
20 women who changed science and the world — Minimalist representations of the work of 20 of the most important women in science. The artwork is available as a print as well as on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases. If you're partial to a certain one of these women, you also can purchase posters for each individual scientist. | $61.12 for the print shown | By Hydrogene for Redbubble

Vintage cephalopod print
— This diagram of a cephalopod is from an encyclopedia published in 1903. Each print from this seller is the original from a vintage book, so they're all unique! But don't worry — if you miss out on the cephalopods, there are plenty of others to choose from. | $12 | By Holcroft for Etsy

Food and drink

Wine chemistry stemless glass — Each glass includes the formulas for tartaric acid, glucose, malic acid, epicatechin, ethanol and quercetin. Unfortunately, the combination of those components — the wine — will have to be bought separately. The seller has similar items for beer, water and coffee in the Etsy store. | $18 | By CognitiveSurplus for Etsy
Cookie cutters
Set of science cookie cutters, stencils and recipe cards — This set comes with cookie cutters of an atom, an Erlenmeyer flask and a beaker. It even has three cookie recipe cards that you can use with your new cookie cutters. | $22.50 | By Epiphany of Chemistry
cutting board Periodic table cutting board — Review the elements while making dinner. This cutting board makes it easy to multi-task. | $32.20 | By CabanyCo for Etsy
Brain coaster Brain specimen coasters — Each of the 10 coasters has a different brain slice, so they stack up to make a full brain. | $19.99 | ThinkGeek
Chemisty Chemist's cocktail kit — Finally you can mix your own drinks using the proper laboratory equipment. | $29.99 | By Dunecraft
mushroom dome Grow your own mushroom dome — The dome comes with a kit and instructions for growing oyster mushrooms in your own house. You should be able to eat your mushrooms 3 to 6 weeks after planting. | $24.99 | By ThinkGeek
Chemist spices Chemist's spice rack — Keep your spices in test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks. The glassware is labeled with the "chemical symbol" for each spice, so there's no need to worry about getting them mixed up. | $49.99 | By ThinkGeek
Pot holder Fibonacci spiral potholder — This potholder features a Fibonacci spiral superimposed on the shell of a Nautilus, which is just one of many places the Fibonacci sequence appears in nature. |$15.99
| By Randoms for CafePress

Clothes and accessories

Baseball shirt  Stop codon shirt — Don't we all stop for UAA? UAA is one of a few RNA codons that stop translation in its tracks. That ribosome isn't going to move another picometer.| $29.99 | By theotheraaron for CafePress
Science Bow Tie — The perfect way to show you are never casual about science. | $13.99 | By uniquechicbowtique for Etsy
Necklace Bacteriophage necklace — This rose gold necklace features a 3-D printed bacteriophage. If virology isn't your thing, the seller's Etsy store has plenty of other science-themed options. | $98.30 | By somersault1824 for Etsy
Scarf Pyramidal neuron silk chiffon scarf — With her elegant take on neuroscientist Santiago Roman y Cajal's rendering of a pyramidal neuron, the designer encourages buyers to "wear your brain cells on the outside." | $55 | By Artologica for Etsy
OMG shirt OMg! Shirt — Convey your shock and awe with the chemical symbols for oxygen and magnesium. Available for both men and women. | $20 | By SnorgTees
Microscope Pocket microscope — For when you want to check out the chloroplasts in those leaf cells right then and there. | $12 | Urban Outfitters
DNA Bracelet DNA Bracelet — This bracelet is a simple and elegant way to showcase your love of genetics. | $28 | By sciencestuff for Etsy
Watch Planisphere watch — This water-resistant watch includes a planisphere, which were charts used by the Ancient Greeks to navigate by the stars. | $64 | By UncommonGoods

Bed and bath

Enzymes pillowcase Checks itself before it wrecks itself pillowcase — This clever pillowcase refers to enzymes like DNA polymerase III, which checks DNA sequences in order to prevent catastrophic mutations.$27.99 | By The_Shirt_Yurt for CafePress
Antibody plushPlush antibody — This stuffed immunoglobulin molecule (complete with antigen) will help keep you safe at night from intruders! The site features more than 150 designs including various bacteria, other microorganisms, and cells. | $14.95 | By Giant Microbes
Karyotype Pillow Karyotype pillow — These pillows show a map of the 23 pairs of chromosomes. The karyotype includes the sex chromosomes, meaning you can choose whether it is for a girl or a boy. | $35 | By Dirtsastudio for Etsy
Shower curtain Electron shells shower curtain — This colorful shower curtain displays the numbers and locations of the electrons in certain elements. | $64.99 | By Elishka Jepson for CafePress
Anatomy pillow Human Head Anatomy Pillow — This throw pillow features an anatomic illustration of the human head along with print about elementary physiology. | $35 | By TheBlackDuckie for Etsy
Science curtain Navy curtains — Help a loved one preserve their snooze with these dark curtains featuring a science journal motif. | $20 | By SewMuchSense for CafePress
Bathmat Anatomical bath mat — This bath mat showcases an anatomical diagram of the heart along with the circulatory system of the neck and head. | $34.99 | TheBlackDuckie for Etsy
Duvet DNA duvet — Have sweet dreams of nucleic acids under this fluffy duvet. | $157.99 for queen size | By AwesomeSauce for CafePress