Annual Meeting

Mitochondria and metabolites
in action

New developments in metabolism: 2020 annual meeting track
Marcia Haigis Anne Murphy
By Marcia Haigis and Anne Murphy
September 01, 2019

Mitochondria are dynamic organelles important in mediating cell and tissue homeostasis. In this track, we will hear exciting new updates on the role of mitochondria beyond energy production in metabolism, ion homeostasis, and determination of the fate of cells and tissues by metabolites and their transporters.

Keywords: NAD, metabolite and ion transporters, sirtuins, mitochondria, metabolism.

Who should attend: students, postdocs and anyone interested in mitochondria, metabolism, and health.

Theme song: “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

This track is powered by mitochondria.


  • Modulating de novo NAD synthesis — Johan Auwerx, École Polytech Fédérale de Lausanne
  • NAD homeostasis and compartmentation — Joseph A. Baur, University of Pennsylvania
  • Chromatin regulation and genome maintenance by mammalian SIRT6 and SIRT7 — Katrin F. Chua, Stanford University
  • Metabolic competition in the tumor microenvironment — Marcia Haigis, Harvard Medical School
  • Glutamine transporter as a target of mTOR signaling modulating longevity — John Sedivy, Brown University
  • Neuroprotection through control of mitochondrial pyruvate transport — Anne Murphy, Cytokinetics Inc.
  • Local and systemic actions of hepatic fatty acid oxidation — Michael Wolfgang, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Physiopathological roles of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter — Anna Raffaello, University of Padova
  • Microbiome catabolites as novel modulators of cellular glucose and energy metabolism — Gary Williamson, Monash University
  • Metabolic modulation of cardiac health: The role of glucose and amino acids — Rong Tian, University of Washington
  • Control of macrophage activation by coenzyme A — Ajit Divakaruni, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Mechanisms of metabolite control over adipose tissue function — Edward Chouchani, Harvard University
Marcia Haigis
Marcia Haigis

is a professor of cell biology at Harvard Medical School with a focus on mitochondria in health and disease.

Anne Murphy
Anne Murphy

is the vice president of biology at Cytokinetics Inc.

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