Remote study sections – Contemporaneous review

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced federal agencies to move study sections to virtual, online settings, thus allowing reviews to continue while allowing reviewers to follow federal guidance restricting travel and personal interactions. Remote peer review is not new, but it is not the standard practice.

In an effort to measure and understand the impact that remote peer review might have on science (positive or negative) the ASBMB encourages you to take a moment and share your thoughts and experiences regarding your recent online study section by completing this survey. We are primarily focused on understanding how the remote experience affected you and your colleagues’ ability to deliver effective reviews, and the overall quality of the study section discussion and outcomes. 

Once this national emergency passes, we will share the anonymized results with the community, as well as with federal leaders. By understanding the benefits and obstacles you have experienced in conducting peer review in this fashion, our ultimate goal is to influence sound policy-making regarding the efficacy of remote study sections moving forward.