Frontiers in RAS Pathobiology and Drug Discovery

September 13-16, 2018, Stratton, VT

Organized by: Sharon Campbell, Univ. of North Carolina; Mark Philips, NYU School of Medicine

Meeting Description 

RAS genes are mutated in cancer more frequently than any other oncogene.  Accordingly, RAS genes and the proteins they encode have been a major focus of cancer biologists for more than three decades. RAS genes encode small GTPases that regulate a variety of signaling pathways critical for cell growth.  Whereas much has been learned about the biochemistry, cell biology and signaling of RAS proteins, they have denied attempts to develop drugs that directly target the GTPase.  The genomic era has brought a huge new cache of data that relate to the biology of RAS and has led to a reinvigoration of efforts to develop inhibitors.   

Topics selected to highlight the newest aspects of RAS biology and anti-RAS drug discovery include:

    • RAS biochemistry, cell biology and signaling
    • RAS and cancer: animal models and synthetic lethal screening
    • RAS, metabolism and tumor microenvironment
    • Anti-RAS Drug Development
    • RAS and Cancer Immunotherapy.

      The overarching goal of the meeting will be to bring scientists from a variety of backgrounds, from structural biology to cancer physiology, together to focus on the problem of RAS the oncogene using state-of-the-art tools with the hope of informing efforts at drug development.

      Important Dates

      June 21: Extended to July 10: Oral programming abstract submission deadline
      July 10: Discounted symposium registration deadline
      July 27: Poster programming abstract submission deadline
      August 9: Symposium registration deadline
      August 14: Registration cancellation deadline









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