Funding Opportunities

Each Symposium is unique and you are encouraged to visit the specific symposia page for the meeting you plan to attend to learn more. 

The following opportunities are available for all Special Symposia:

  • "Best Presentation" and/or "Best Poster" Awards
  • Minority Travel Awards (managed by the FASEB MARC Office)



ASBMB Presentation or Poster awards 

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) presents "Best Presentation" and/or "Best Poster" awards at each Symposium.  An abstract must be submitted to compete for awards.  Awardees are selected and acknowledged during the meeting and presented with their award and certificate.  Please visit the each meet for further information on the number of awards available and deadline requirements. 


Minority travel awards

Travel awards are available through the FASEB MARC office to support and encourage the participation of minority scientists attending the symposim.  The travel awards are available for faculty scientists, post doctorates and advanced graduate students from underrepresented groups in teh biomedical and behavioral sciences.  These groups include but are not limited to: African Americans, Alaskan Natives, Hispanic Americans, American Indians/ Native Americans who maintain tribal affiliation of community attachement, and Natives of the USA Pacific Islands (Guam, Hawaii and American Samoa only). 

    TYPES OF AWARDS:  There are two types of travel awards available (designated with the MARC logo).
    1. Faculty/ Mentors and Student Travel Awards
    2. Poster/ Platform (Oral) Presenter Travel Awards. 

     Click to Learn More and apply for an award.