• Research Spotlight

  • Benjamin Garcia, Ph.D.

    Benjamin Garcia - headshot photoSeptember 1, 2016 -- Benjamin Garcia an associate professor in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In this month's research Spotlight, Dr. Garcia describes how working with a variety of mentors helped him craft his own independent research career. Learn more about Dr. Garcia's career path in September's research spotlight.


    Roslyn Crowder, Ph.D.

    Roslyn Crowder - headshotAugust 1, 2016 -- Roslyn Crowder is the Molecular Biology Program Director and an assistant professor at Stetson University in Florida. In August's research spotlight, Dr. Crowder describes how she became a faculty member at a predominantly undergraduate institution and outlines the lessons she learned while applying to graduate school. Read more about Dr. Crowder.

    Karmella Haynes, Ph.D.

    Karmella Haynes - smallJuly 1, 2016 -- Karmella Haynes is an assistant professor at Arizona State University. In this month's research spotlight, Dr. Haynes discusses how her undergraduate research experiences set her on the track to her current position, and explains why her transition from the classroom to the laboratory helped her overcome impostor syndrome. Read more about Dr. Haynes' career path.

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