• Research Spotlight

  • Cecilia Martinez, Ph.D.


     July 23, 2015 -- Dr. Cecilia Martinez is an assistant professor at Michigan State University, where she leads a research group studying one carbon compound metabolism in bacteria. You can learn more about Dr. Martinez's research and the path she took to reach her current position here


    Yolanda Small, Ph.D.
    Yolanda Small_cropped May 1, 2015 -- Dr. Yolanda Small is an assistant professor at York College, City University of New York (CUNY), where her research group focuses on computational chemistry. Dr. Small worked in industry before deciding to pursue an academic career. Learn more about Dr. Small.

    Jose Dinneny, Ph.D.
    Jose Dinneny_croppedApril 1, 2015 -- Dr. Jose Dinneny is a staff member at the Carnegie Institution of Science, in the department of plant biology. He is also an assistant professor at Stanford University. To learn more about Dr. Dinneny, click here.

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