Transforming Education in the Molecular Life Sciences


June 25-28, 2019, University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX   

Organized by: Rachell Booth, University of Incarnate Word; Betsy Leverett, University of Incarnate Word; Debra Martin, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 

The two overarching meeting themes are (1) high-impact teaching and learning practices and (2) mechanisms to facilitate student transitions from two-year colleges to four-year colleges and universities. These themes are interwoven into the three meeting foci:

1. Classroom undergraduate research experiences – The meeting will explore ways to promote the development of CUREs between networks of faculty who teach at primarily undergraduate institutions and those at two-year colleges.
2. Teaching development of early-career faculty members and postdoctoral fellows – The meeting will promote best practices in teaching. Programs that have evidence-based records of good teaching practices will be presented for the purpose of encouraging and preparing early-career scientists to become educators.
3. ASBMB Student Chapters and science outreach programs – The work of outreach programs and individual chapters will be highlighted to help build communities of science educators and students working to solve community problems.