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Online Resources

Providing information to the scientific community in the form of resources for education, data of interest to professional scientists and educators and links to sites of interest to life scientists at all levels of their careers.

Resources for Undergraduate Education

Resources for Teaching Non-Science Majors

Science Online

  • Action Bioscience - a well designed and eye catching educational website that promotes bioscience literacy.
  • Benchfly - learn and share lab techniques via this online lab protocol video sharing website. 
  • Biochemistry Free and Easy - An online biochemistry textbook that incorporates songs, recordings, verses and links to over 100 video lectures.   
  • Citizen Science Central - a grassroots approach to scientific research.  Anyone can join a team of researchers, help collect data and answer scientific questions, no PhD required. 
  • Cool Science - a comprehensive website developed by HHMI that offers information for science educators and aspiring young scientists alike.  This site features video lectures, career advice and even has section called "ask a scientists". 
  • Foldit! - contribute to science while playing a game .  What could be more fun and rewarding?
  • Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - a comprehensive online glossary of BMB concepts and terminology.
  • Harry Potter's World - from the National Library of Medicine, this site offers lesson plans on the history and fundamental concepts of science using passages from the Harry Potter series. 
  • iBioMagazine - a collection of short (<15 min) talks that highlight the human side of research.
  • iBioSeminars - a library of freely available lectures on subjects in biology. 
  • Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry - essentially an online biochemistry textbook with interactive animations, quizzes and resource links from Wiley.
  • JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) - JoVE is a peer reviewed, PubMed indexed journal devoted to the publication of biological research in video format.
  • Kids Science Experiments - contains fun, easy and exciting hands-on experiments on a variety of subject matters. (K-12)
  • Learn Genetics - developed by the University of Utah, this site contains excellent content and offers creative and interactive modules that teach the basics of genetics, heredity, gene research and medicine.
  • Medical Billing & Coding Certification - provides a basic overview of Mendelian genetics, DNA structure and function and genetics research. 
  • Middle School Chemistry - developed by the American Chemistry Society.  Includes lesson plans, multimedia resources and information on professional development workshops for teachers.
  • Molecular Movies - a collection of cell and molecular animations as well as tutorials for life science professionals learning 3D visualization.
  • Science is Fun - Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri from the University of Wisconsin Madison shares the fun of science through home activities (K-12)
  • Science Kids - contains fun science experiments, online games, quizzes, videos, ideas and cool facts. (K-12)
  • Scivee - a video sharing website for the scientific community. 
  • The Biology Project - a collection of lesson plans and tutorials that cover many of the subjects taught in a introductory biology course.
  • The Medical Biochemistry Page - offers illustrated reading materials on biochemistry fundamentals. 
  • VisiScience - a comprehensive collection science PowerPoint slides for your next lecture.  Some sample slides are free.
  • Zoom - A PBS Kids television show that teaches kids science.  Watch the show and find interactive materials from each episode.  (K-12)  

Sing, Dance, Rap Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Digital Libraries

  • National Science Digital Library - high quality science education resources designed primarily for K-16 educators.
  • BEN - a digital library portal for teaching and learning in the biological sciences.

Other Resources

Career Brochure
The Education and Professional Development Committee has published a career brochure dealing with career opportunities in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. This brochure is aimed at high school students and undergraduates who may be considering pursuing careers in biochemistry or molecular biology. Single copies are available free upon request. Email Andrea Anastasio for details.  Click here to view a PDF version of the ASBMB Career Brochure.