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Abstract Submission

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Abstract Deadlines

Poster Board Dimension are 4' high by 8' wide


The Abstract Site is closed for the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations.  All abstracts accepted as Poster Presentations will be eligible to compete for "Best Posters Awards." 

                 All program notifications have been sent by email.  If you did not receive, please contact   
                   July 1, 2010
                       Abstract Submission Deadline for Talks and Posters CLOSED  

Abstract Submission 


Abstract Submission Instructions

1. Set up your profile:  Fill in your contact information.  Here you will be asked to create a password.  The password you
    create will be used for all future ASBMB Special Symposia Meetings.  You will be prompted each time you return to the
    site to update your profile before continuing to the meeting page.  A confirmation page with your user email address
    and password should be kept for future use.        

2.  View Meeting Overview:  Once you submit your profile, enter the welcome page for the meeting.  From this page, 
     select the button to create a new abstract.  This page will track each abstract submission and allow you to edit
     your submission(s) until the cut off date of July1, 2010. 

3. Submit Abstract:  There are no topic category selections for the Biochemistry of Membrane Traffic: Secretory and Endocytic
     Pathways Meeting.  To successfully submit an abstract for consideration you are required to complete the following
     three steps:  

    STEP 1:  Select your programming preferences.  All abstracts should be submitted as Volunteered Abstracts, unless
                     otherwise communicated by the ASBMB office.   You are required to enter your abstract title and body text  
                     (maximum of 2000 characters including spaces and punctuation) in order to save and proceed. 
                              In Microsoft Word, select and copy your abstract: Command-A then Command-C (mac user) or
                              Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C (windows user).  On the abstract submission page, click the clipboard icon at the top
                              left above the text box to paste the abstract into the box.  Html tags and special characters will be retained. 
                              You may also type directly into the text box (plain text only).         

    STEP 2:  Enter the authors and affilations in the order they should be listed in the program. 
                     As the instructions note on this page, the first author must be the presenting author.  You are only allowed to
                     have one presenting author for each abstract.  You cannot reorder the authors once entered into the system. 
                     If a change is required, you may delete authors and re-enter in the proper order. 

    STEP 3:  The final step is the confirmation screen.  You will be provided the option to print a copy of the confirmation. 
                     You will also receive a copy of the confirmation by email.  This should be kept for your records.   

4. Edit Abstract: Proofread your abstract carefully.   Editing of abstracts will be permitted until July 1, 2010.

5.  Programming Decisions: All abstracts will be reviewed by the meeting organizer.  Abstracts not selected for oral
     presentations will be programmed as posters.  All abstracts submitted by July 1, 2010  will receive programming
     notifications prior to the July 30, 2010 Early Registration Date.