Student-Centered Education in Molecular Life Sciences

Essentials for Educating Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Undergraduates

An ASBMB Sponsored Special Symposium

August 5-8, 2009 Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Organizers: Neena Grover (Colorado College), J. Ellis Bell (University of Richmond), Margaret D. Johnson (University of Alabama)
Chair:  Neena Grover (Colorado College)
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This special symposium is designed for educators engaged in teaching undergraduates.  The meeting will focus primarily on emerging pedagogies in the education of students in the molecular life sciences. The goals of the meeting are to supply participants with educational approaches and materials that they can implement in their own classrooms and to provide them with networking and mentoring opportunities. 

The principal focus of the meeting will be a series of hands-on workshop sessions, similar in style to Project Kaleidoscope, with ample time for networking.  Each session will be run by a team of established educators, with a focus on small group participation as well as individual mentoring.  Several plenary talks will be featured as well. 

Among the workshops offered, there will be a two-session grant writing workshop that will involve evaluation, revision, and critique of abstracts.  The workshop will be conducted by highly successful, predominantly undergraduate institution (PUI) faculty members with well-funded, established programs and by representatives from the major funding agencies.  Participants will have the opportunity to followup with a mentor during the following year to help prepare and submit their own grant applications. 

The meeting also will include sessions related to the recent white paper produced by ASBMB titled, "Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Liberal Education: A Report to the Teagle Foundation."  Discussions will focus on how to implement some of the report's recommendations.

Meeting Presentations


Bringing Science To Students- Peter Bruns

Liberal Learning In The Life Sciences- Adele Wolfson

Teaching Case Studies - Kathleen Cornely

Scholarship Of Teaching and Learning- Erin Dolan

Incorporating Math- Lia Margolin

Faculty Mentoring- Peter Kennelly

Thinking Creatively as a Teacher/Scholar- Neena Grover


Sharing Lab Activities- Ann Aguanno/Ben Caldwell


Molecular Visualization and Protein Databases- David Marcey
The web address used for workshop: (The Online Macromolecular Museum).