2013 UAN Undergraduate Research Award Recipients

June 13, 2013 -- The ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliates Network is pleased to announce our 2013 Undergraduate Research Award recipients.  The annual UAN Undergraduate Research Award provides funding for reagents, supplies and other consumable that are needed to support the work of an undergraduate member working in an ASBMB member lab. 

Each of the following award recipient will be conducting independent research over the course of this summer.   

Michael Banco, University of Michigan Dearborn
Michael will be working in Dr. Marilee Benore’s lab (Professor of Biology and Biochemistry) studying riboflavin and its ability to bind to biomolecules and to act as a riboswitch to inhibit protein synthesis. 

Richard Burgan, Juniata College
Richard will be working in Dr. Daniel Dries’ lab (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) to study the interactions between two proteins: gamma-secretase and Slitrk5.    

Derek Deshaies, Juniata College
Derek will be working in Dr. Daniel Dries’ lab (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) to confirm tissue-specific knockout in mice that have had the nicastrin gene deleted from their oligodendrocyte cells using immunohistochemistry. 

Tessa DiDonato, Rochester Institute of Technology
Tessa will be working in Dr. Suzanne O’Handley’s lab (Associate Professor of Biochemistry) to investigate whether or not Nudix diadenosine polyphosphatases play a role in host cell invasion in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae

Matthew Kocher, Duquesne University
Matthew will be working in Dr. Joseph McCormick’s lab (Associate Professor and Chair of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences) making fusion proteins between spore coat proteins of S. Coelicolor and a tetanus toxin and then measuring their expression in S. Coelicolor. 

Kenneth Kysor, Juniata College
Kenneth will be working in Dr. Daniel Dries’ lab (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) to identify transcriptional changes in nicastrin knockout mice.

Shreya Patel, Duquesne University
Shreya will be working in Dr. Sarah Woodley’s lab (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences) to investigate effects of chronic stress on the immune system of red-legged salamanders.

Karol Sokolowski, Western Illinois University
Karol will be working in Dr. Douglas Mitchell’s lab (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) to isolate and characterize thiopeptide antibiotics using genomic mining and high throughput isolation techniques. 

Anuoluwap Sopeyin, Vassar College
Anuoluwap will be working in Dr. Teresa Garrett’s lab (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) to purify and characterize PldB, a lysophospholipase found in E. coli, including measuring its substrate specificity, identifying the specific amino acid residues in its active site and determining its three-dimensional structure. 

Beau Sterling, Texas State University San Marcos
Beau will be working in Dr. Rachell Booth’s lab (Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry) to identify proteins necessary for production of functional human epithelia sodium channel (ENaC) in yeast. 

Alice Trye, Marymount Manhattan College
Alice will be working in Dr. Ann Aguanno’s lab (Associate Professor of Biology) to study the role of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) in insulin exocytosis. 

Tatjana Von Rosen, Suffolk University
Tatjana will be working in Dr. Celeste Peterson’s lab (Assistant Professor) to study how proteolysis is regulated during carbon starvation and in particular during conditions associated with low ATP hydrolysis by characterizing an enzyme found in E. coli, ClpXP. 


You can learn more about applying for the UAN Undergraduate Research Award at www.asbmb.org/uanawards.