New JBC podcast: sirtuins and the journal’s best articles of 2012

An interview with John Denu, who coauthored two of the best of the year

JBC Best of 2012 logoFeb. 15, 2013 — In this podcast, we hear an interview between JBC Associate Editor Joel Gottesfeld and John Denu from the University of Wisconsin-Madison about JBC’s Best of 2012. The Journal’s associate editors chose from among more than 4,000 articles published throughout the year, selecting 22, one for each of the Journal’s affinity categories. An affinity category corresponds to a section of the Journal’s table of contents.

Denu coauthored two of the best of 2012. In the field of metabolism, he coauthored the paper “Regulation of Glycolytic Enzyme Phyosphoglycerate Mutase-1 by Sirt1 Protein-mediated Deacetylation”, which was published in February. In the field of enzymology, he coauthored the paper “Sirt3 Protein Deacetylates Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 2 and Regulates Mitochondrial Redox Status,” which was published in April. Click here to find a transcript and to listen to the podcast.