ASBMB 2015 Travel Awards

If you are looking for the 2016 ASBMB Annual Meeting travel award site, please click here.


2015 Annual Meeting Travel Award Information

 ASBMB will award the following travel awards and grants to assist a first author presenting his/her research at the ASBMB Annual Meeting.  An abstract submission, as first author, to an ASBMB abstract topic category (#'s 2000-2390) by the November 6th deadline is required.

  • All application requirements, criteria, award reporting and/or required event participation are the applicant's responsibility
  • The submitter and the applicant must be the same individual 
  • Advisors should NOT submit abstracts or applications on behalf of a student/trainee
  • One application permitted per applicant
  • Read all application information prior to submitting an application.

More travel award information coming soon.  The application submission site will open this fall.  Please check back in September.
Application deadline for the following awards/grants only, is 5:00 pm, EST, Tuesday, November 11, 2014.

  • Child Care Grant 
  • Underrepresented Graduate Student Travel Award
    The ASBMB Underrepresented Graduate Student Travel Award is funded through the FASEB MARC Program.
  • Graduate or Postdoctoral Travel Award 
  • Undergraduate Student Competitive Travel Award  
  • Undergraduate Faculty Travel Award
    Faculty applicants must be the first author on the abstract associated with the travel award application and unique from any abstract(s) submitted by a student.  Faculty applicants may submit abstracts to any of the following ASBMB abstract topic categories (#2000-2390).

Application deadline for the following award only, is 5:00 pm, EST, Friday, January 16, 2015.

  • Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Travel Award
    Use only for UAN chapters to designate Chapter or Regional Meeting Travel Award winners.  All other undergraduates apply using the Undergraduate Competitive Travel Award application.

Application deadline for the following award only, is 5:00 pm, EST, Friday, February 20, 2015.

  • Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Outstanding Chapter Award