What's New in Membrane Transport Proteins

Theme Organizers:

Olga Boudker
Weill Cornell Med. Col.
  Emad Tajkhorshid
Univ. of Illinois at


Membrane Channels I - Molecular Basis of Gating, Activation and Selectivity

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 258C

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Chaired: E. Tajkhorshid

9:45                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50      95.1          Structural Basis for Ion Conductance and Selectivity in Sodium and Calcium Channels W. Catterall. Univ. of Washington.

10:15                      Role of Pore Lining Residues in Drug Modulation of Ligand-Gated Ion Channels T.R. Schneider, J-A.M. Facey, G.E. Joyce, T.B. Voigt, E.P. Stater, M.J. Hyde, L.C. Venner and R.J. Howard. Skidmore Col., NY. (566.3)

10:30    95.2          Inactivation of a Potassium Channel A.E. McDermott, M. Bhate, B. Wyle and Y. Xu. Columbia Univ.

10:55                      Dimer Intermediate in the Assembly of Influenza A M2 Transmembrane Domain in Lipid Membranes E.R. Georgieva, P.P. Borbat, H.D. Norman and J.H. Freed. Cornell Univ. and Cornell Univ. Sch. of Engin. (714.6)

11:10                      Effects of Agonist and Regulator Binding on the Structure and Conformational Flexibility of the Ligand Binding Domains of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors F. Barkdoll-Weil, C. Guzman, Z. Asif, P. Varnes and J.E. Bell. Univ. of Richmond. (574.17)

11:25    95.3          Structural Studies on Glutamate Receptor Gating M.L. Mayer, J. Meyerson, S. Chittori and S. Subramaniam. NICHD, NIH.

11:50      Discussion.

Membrane Channels II - New Channels and Novel Functions

Monday, March 30, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 258C

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Chaired: M. L. Mayer

3:55                        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00      239.1       Structure, Function, and Inhibitors of the Acid-Gated Helicobacter pylori Urea Channel, an Essential Component for Acid Survival and Chronic Infection H. Luecke. Univ. of California, Irvine.

4:25                        Lysosomal ATP Transport Mechanism and Its Significance X. Dong, M.X. Zhu, R. Murrell-Lagnado, Q. Cao, P. Huang, X.Z. Zhong and Y. Zou. Dalhousie Univ., Canada, Univ. of Texas Hlth. Sci. Ctr. at Houston and Univ. of Cambridge. (566.14)

4:40      239.2       TRPV Channel Structures in Health and Disease R. Gaudet. Harvard Univ.

5:05                        Shear Stress Potentiates the Activation of TRPV4 by GSK1016790A P. McIntyre, S. Baratchi, J. Almazi, F.J. Tovar-Lopez, W. Darby and A. Mitchell. Sch. of Med. Sci., RMIT Univ. and Sch. of Elect. and Comp. Engin., RMIT Univ., Australia. (714.5)

5:20                        Intracellular Zinc Dyshomeostasis Caused by a Disrupted TRPML1-TMEM163 Protein Interaction J. Silva and M.P. Cuajungco. California State Univ. Fullerton. (566.5)

5:35      239.3       Weird Ion...Weird Ion Channels Mediating Resistance to Fluoride Toxicity C. Miller and D.L. Turman. Brandeis Univ.

6:00                        Discussion.

Transporters I - Crystallographic Insight Into Transporter Mechanisms

Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 258C

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Chaired: J.B. Monro

9:45                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50      362.1       Mechanism of Ion-Coupled Transport in Glutamate Transporters O. Boudker. Weill Cornell Med. Col.

10:15                      Structure of an H+-Coupled, Substrate-Bound MATE Transporter Yields Mechanistic Insights into Multidrug Extrusion M. Lu, M. Radchenko, J. Symersky, R. Nie and Y. Guo. Rosalind Franklin Univ. of Med. and Sci. (574.2)

10:30    362.2       Wiggle Wiggle Not a Trickle: How Do Membrane Transporters Work (to Concentrate Ions 1000 Fold)? R. Stroud. UCSF.

10:55                      Molecular Basis for Substrate and Inhibitor Interactions with the Glycine Transporter, GlyT2 R.J. Vandenberg, J.E. Carland, A. Edington and R.M. Ryan. Univ. of Sydney. (566.6)

11:10                      Construction of a Tryptophan-less P-Glycoprotein by Directed Evolution for Mapping Drug Binding Sites D.J. Swartz and I.L. Urbatsch. Texas Tech Univ. Hlth. Sci. Ctr. (714.14)

11:25    362.3       Structural Basis of Bile Acid Transport M. Zhou. Baylor Col. of Med.

11:50                      Discussion.

Transporters II - Capturing Functional Motions of Transporters

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 1:15 PM - 3:30 PM • Room 258C

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Chaired: O. Boudker

1:15                        Chair’s Introduction.

1:20      498.1       Conformational Changes of a Type II ABC Importer for Small Substrate Transport H. Pinkett. Northwestern Univ.

1:45                        Developing New Assays (Fluorosomes) for Characterization of Drug Interactions of ABC Multidrug Transporters A. Telbisz, B. Sarkadi, G. Wright, P. Bansal and D. Melchior. Res. Ctr. for Nat. Sci., Hungarian Acad. of Sci., Budapest and TFC Biosci. Inc., Worcester. (574.29)

2:00      498.2       Visualizing Functional Motions of Membrane Transporters at an Atomic Resolution E. Tajkhorshid. Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2:25                        Transport of Alzheimer’s Associated Amyloid-β through Membranes Catalyzed by P-Glycoprotein J.W. McCormick, P.D. Vogel and J.G. Wise. Southern Methodist Univ. (566.9)

2:40                        Structural-Function Mechanism of Vibrio cholerae Cytolysin: A b-Barrel Pore-Forming Toxin A.K. Rai and K. Chattopadhyay. Indian Inst. of Sci. Educ. and Res. Mohali, Punjab, India. (574.1)

2:55      498.3       Imaging Functional Dynamic Processes within Integral Membrane Proteins at the Single-Molecule Scale J.B. Munro, S.C. Blanchard, D.S. Terry, N.N. Akyuz1, G.G. Gregorio, R.A. Kolster, Z. Zhou, H. Zhao, R.B. Altman, M. Juette, Q. Zheng, S. Jockusch, O. Boudker, W. Mothes and J.A. Javitch. Weill Cornell Med. Col., Yale Univ. Sch. of Med., Col. of P&S, Columbia Univ., Tri-Instn. Trng. Prog. in Chem. Biol., NY and Columbia Univ.

3:20                        Discussion.