Plant Metabolism

Theme organizers:

       Edgar Cahoon
Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
           Ruth Welti
    Kansas State Univ.


 Vitamin and Amino Acid Metabolism of Plants

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 252A/B

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Chaired: M. Sussman  

3:55                        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00      103.1       B Vitamin Damage and Its Repair or Pre-emption A.D. Hanson. Univ. of Florida.

4:25                        Mechanism of Plant Growth Promoting Activity of Burkholderia Species V.R. Thakkar and R.R. Patel. BRD Sch. of Biosci., Sardar Patel Univ. (887.3)

4:40      103.2       Aromatic Amino Acid Network: Biosynthesis, Regulation and Transport N. Dudareva. Purdue Univ.

5:05                        Isopentenyl Diphosphate Inhibition of Thiamin Diphosphate Enzymes, Especially Deoxyxylulose 5-Phosphate Synthase T.D. Sharkey, A. Banerjee and L.E. Cheaney. Michigan State Univ. (887.20)

5:20                        Diversification of Tyrosine Biosynthetic Pathways in Plants: Non-plastidic, Tyrosine-Insensitive Prephenate Dehydrogenases in Legumes H.A. Maeda, C.A. Schenck and S. Chen. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. (887.15)

5:35      103.3       A Systems Biology Approach to Detect the Hidden Reactions of Terpenoid Quinone Metabolism G.J. Basset. Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln.

6:00                        Discussion.

Applying Proteomics and Metabolomics to Understand Plant Function

Monday, March 30, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 252A/B 

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Chaired: G. Basset

9:45                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50      220.1       Use of Mass Spectrometry-Based Phosphoproteomics to Characterize a Receptor Protein Kinase-Mediated Signaling Pathway that Negatively Regulates Plant Cell Growth M.R. Sussman, M. Haruta, B.B. Minkoff, G. Sabat and K. Stecker. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.

10:15                      Target and Non-target Metabolomics Profiling of Different Barley Varieties Affected by Enhanced Ultraviolet Radiation and Various C:N Stoichiometry M. Oravec, K. Novotná, P. Rajsnerová, B. Veselá, O. Urban, P. Holub and K. Klem. Czechglobe, Brno and Mendel Univ., Czech Republic. (887.7)

10:30    220.2       Comparative Proteomics of Seed Maturation in Oilseeds J.J. Thelen, S. Stevenson, R. Wilson, M. Salie and S.P. Rao. Univ. of Missouri-Columbia.

10:55                      Early Changes in Host Response to C. Liberibacter asiaticus Infection in Citrus E. Chin, D. Mishchuk, C. LeVesque, E. Foster, K. Godfrey and C. Slupsky. Univ. of California, Davis and California Citrus Res. Bd., Riverside. (887.10)

11:10    220.3       Using Lipidomics to Probe Lipid Metabolism H.S. Vu, R. Welti, S. Shiva, M.R. Roth, P. Tamura, T. Samarakoon, M. Colter, S. Sarowar, M. Li, G. Gadbury, X. Wang and J. Shah. Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln, Kansas State Univ., Univ. of North Texas and Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis.

11:35    220.4       CarbonQuest: Unfolding the Map of Seed Metabolism A.P. Alonso, J-C. Cocuron, M. Koubaa, Z. Ross and R. Kimmelfield. The Ohio State Univ.

Plant Lipid Metabolism

Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 252A/B 

Chaired: J. M. Dyer

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3:55                        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00      366.1       Lipid Transport Involving Chloroplast Envelope Membranes in Plants and Algae C. Benning, A.K. Hurlock and J. Warakanont. Michigan State Univ.

4:25                        Systems Analysis of Soybean Seed Development: Lipid Body Ontogeny J.A. Miernyk, R.S. Wilson, M.L. Johnston and J.J. Thelen. USDA, Columbia, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia and Univ. of Missouri-Columbia. (887.9)

4:40      366.2       To Grow or Die: Regulation of Plant Sphingolipid Metabolism E. Cahoon, A.N. Kimberlin, G. Han and T. Dunn. Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln and Uniformed Svcs. Univ. of Hlth. Sci.

5:05                        Lipid Reservoir Remodeling during Plant Germination S. Parekh, G. Waschatko, N. Billecke, S. Schwendy, H. Jaurich, M. Bonn and T. Vilgis. Max Planck Inst. for Polymer Res. Mainz. (887.21)

5:20      366.3       New Insights into Biosynthesis of Cuticular Wax L. Kunst. Univ. of British Columbia.

5:45      366.4       Metabolism and Actions of N-Acylethanolamines in Seedling Development K.D. Chapman, J. Keereetaweep and E.B. Blancaflor. Univ. of North Texas and Samuel Roberts Noble Fndn., OK.

Plants as Sources of Bioenergy

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 9:00 AM - 11:15 AM • Room 252A/B

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Chaired: L. Kunst

9:00                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:05      485.1       Interpretation of the Genome in Synchronized Chlamydomonas Cells S. Merchant, I. Blaby, D. Strenkert, S. Coku, M. Pellegrini, M. Zones and J. Umen. UCLA and Donald Danforth Plant Sci. Ctr., St. Louis.

9:30                        Systems Metabolic Engineering of Arabidopsis for Increased Cellulose Production J.Y. Yen, G.E. Gillaspy and R.S. Senger. Virginia Tech. (887.26)

9:45      485.2       Production of Oil in Plant Vegetative Tissues J.M. Dyer, O.P. Yurchenko, S. Park, S.K. Gidda, Y. Cai, J.M. Shockey, J.M. Goodman, K.D. Chapman and R.T. Mullen. USDA, Maricopa, AZ, Univ. of North Texas, Univ. of Guelph, Canada, USDA, New Orleans and Univ. of Texas Southwestern Med. Ctr.

10:10                      Inositol Signaling Interactors as Potential Regulators of Growth, Energy Sensing, and Biomass in Plants J.L. Donahue, F.L. Erickson, E. Ananieva, S.P. Williams, P. Rangarajan and G. Gillaspy. VPI and State Univ., Salisbury Univ., MD and Des Moines Univ. (887.24)

10:25                      Engineering High Value Oil Production into Biofuel Crops J. Chappell, C. Kempinski and Z. Jiang. Univ. of Kentucky. (887.23)

10:40    485.3       Tailoring Biomass for Biochemical, Chemical or Thermochemical Catalytic Conversion M.C. McCann, M.M. Abu-Omar, R. Agrawal, J.J. Bozell, N.C. Carpita, C.C.S. Chapple, M.F. Crowley, N.W. Delgass, B.S. Donohoe, M.E. Himmel, H.I. Kenttamaa, L. Makowski, R. Meilan, N.S. Mosier, A.S. Murphy, W.A. Peer, F.H. Ribeiro and M.P. Tucker. Purdue Univ., Univ. of Tennessee, Natl. Renewable Energy Lab., Northeastern Univ. and Univ. of Maryland.

11:05                      Discussion.