RNA Expression and Post-transcriptional Regulatory Events

Abstract deadline extended to Monday, November 10 at 5PM, EST


Theme organizers:


Grace Gill
Tufts Univ. Sch. of Med.


Yan Jessie Zhang
Univ. of Texas, Austin

Structure and Function of the Transcription Machinery

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Sunday, March 29, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 258B

Chaired: G. Gill

9:45        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50    94.1    Genome-Wide Mapping of RNA Polymerase II Termination Sites J.L. Corden, J. Merran and P. Schaughency. Johns Hopkins Med. Sch.

10:15    Regiospecific Function of the C-erminal Domain of RNA Polymerase II in Yeast S.M. Fuchs, M. Babokhov, M. Mosaheb and S.A. Morrill. Tufts Univ. (562.11)

10:30    94.2    CTD Code: A Combinatorial Code for Eukaryotic Transcription Y.J. Zhang, J.E. Mayfiled, M. Zhang and F.A. Etzkorn. Univ. of Texas at Austin and Virginia Tech.

10:55        Interactome Dynamics of the Transcription Elongation Complex Revealed by Quantitative Proteomics K.M. Harlen and S. Churchman. Harvard Med. Sch. (562.3)

11:10        Transcriptional Elongation Requires DNA Double Stand Break and Repair H. Bunch, T. Westerling, B. Lawney, Y. Wang, M. Brown and S.K. Calderwood.  Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Ctr. and Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., Harvard Med. Sch. (877.1)

11:25    94.3    Functional Interplay between Epigenetic DNA Modifications and Transcription Machinery D. Wang. UCSD.

11:50        Discussion.

Making Mature RNA

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Monday, March 30, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 258B

Chaired: J.L. Corden

3:55        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00    238.1    Coupling of Transcription with mRNA Processing in Time and Space D. Bentley, N. Fong, H. Kim, Y. Zhou and F. Xiang-dong. Univ. of Colorado Sch. of Med. and UCSD.

4:25        High Resolution Architecture of Human Transcriptional Activity Revealed by Native Elongating Transcript Sequencing A. Mayer, J. di Iulio, S. Maleri, U. Eser, A. Reynolds, J. Vierstra, R. Sandstrom, J.A. Stamatoyannopoulos and L.S. Churchman. Harvard Med. Sch. and Univ. of Washington. (562.1)

4:40    238.2    Mechanisms of microRNA-Mediated Gene Silencing I. Mac Rae, N.T. Schirle and J. Sheu-Gruttadauria. The Scripps Res. Inst.

5:05        Insights into Spliceosomal Activation from Conformational Dynamics of the U4/U6 di-snRNA A.A. Hoskins, M. Rodgers and D. Brow. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. (711.3)

5:20        TGF-beta Regulates Alternative Splicing of CD44 by Inducing Smad3 Binding to CD44 pre-mRNA Y.E. Zhang, V. Tripathi, K.M. Sixt and M. Heller. NCI, NIH. (562.15)

5:35    238.3    Role of microRNAs in Vascular Development A. Hata, X. Jiang, D. Hart and G. Lagna. UCSF.

6:00        Discussion.

Cross-talk between RNA, Transcription and Chromatin

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 258B

Chaired: D. Bentley

9:45        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50    361.1    Biogenesis and Mechanism of Action of Enhancer RNAs R. Shiekhattar. Univ. of Miami.

10:15        Regulation of Chromatin Accessibility by GPS2-Mediated Inhibition of Ubiquitin Signaling on Selected Promoters M.D. Cardamone, B. Tanasa, J. Huang, C. Cederquist, M.G. Rosenfeld and V. Perissi. Boston Univ. Sch. of Med. and UCSD. (880.28)

10:30    361.2    Signals that Distinguish Noncoding RNA Scaffolds from mRNAs D. Moazed, N. Iglesias, A. Sevilimedu, R. Yu, G. Jih, R. Kruger and S. Gygi. HHMI, Harvard Med. Sch.

10:55        An Epigenetic Switch of let-7 Targeted Oncofetal Genes C. Jnbaptiste, A. Gurtan, V. Lu, A. Bhutkar and P. Sharp. MIT. (562.24)

11:10        The Brahma Chromatin Remodeling Complex and its Multiple Roles in Regulating Circadian Transcription R.S. Kwok, Y.H. Li and J.C. Chiu. Univ. of California, Davis. (877.15)

11:25    361.3    ATRX Promotes Binding of PRC2 to Xist RNA and Polycomb Targets J.T. Lee, K. Sarma, C. Cifuentes-Rojas, A. Ergun, A. del Rosario, Y. Jeon, F. White and R. Sadreyev. HHMI, Massachusetts Gen. Hosp., Harvard Med. Sch. and MIT.

11:50        Discussion.

RNA Expression and Cell Fate  

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 1:15 PM - 3:30 PM • Room 258B

Chaired: Y. J. Zhang

1:15        Chair’s Introduction.

1:20    497.1    Signal-Dependent Regulation of Transcription Factor Activity G. Gill, G. Saia and J. Lalonde. Tufts Univ. Sch. of Med.

1:45        Characterization of the Transcriptional Regulation of Tetratricopeptide Repeat Doman 39c in Skeletal Muscle D. Waddell and J. Menke. Univ. of North Florida. (880.20)

2:00    497.2    Efficient Conversion of Human Fibroblasts to Functional Neurons by Sequential Inactivation of PTB/nPTB-Regulated RNA Programs X-D. Fu, Y. Xue, H. Qian and J. Hu. UCSD.

2:25        Talk TBD.

2:40        Role of Extracellular MicroRNAs in Atherosclerosis M. Nguyen, D. Karunakaran, M. Geoffrion and K. Rayner. Univ. of Ottawa. (562.31)

2:55       MicroRNAs: Key Regulators of Cholesterol, Fat and Metabolism  A. Naar, Harvard Med Sch.

3:20        Discussion.