Mentoring Career Planning and Changes in Medical Education


Theme organizers:

Cheryl Bailey, Mount Mary Univ.   Mark Wallert, Minnesota State Univ. Moorhead

How to Incorporate Science Outreach into Your Portfolio – Best Practices and Broader Impacts

Sponsored jointly by the ASBMB Education and Public Outreach Committees

Saturday, March 28, 9 AM • Room 252 B

This session will serve as an to showcase past grant recipients from the ASBMB HOPES and Outreach Seed Grant programs, and to promote upcoming ASBMB funding opportunities. The session will also provide insight into the National Science Foundation’s Broader Impacts requirement. Learn more

Diverse Career Opportunities for Scientists

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 9:45 - 12:00 PM • Room 256

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Chaired: M. Wallert

9:45                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50      96.1          Diverse Career Opportunities for Scientists B. Coughlin. Denver Museum of Nature & Sci.

10:15                      Broader Impact Careers for Scientists in Science Education and Communication B. Jacque, S.A. Tammen and K. Meiri. Tufts Univ. Sch. of Med. (559.8)

10:30    96.2          One Degree, Many Job Opportunities J.S. Bond. Penn State Col. of Med. and Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

10:55                      Acquiring Skills beyond the Bench through the Great Diseases – a Teacher-Scientist Partnership S.A. Tammen, K. Malanson, B. Jacque and K. Meiri. Tufts Univ. Sch. of Med. (559.12)

11:10                      Fostering Critical Thinking Skills in a Master’s-Level Course via In-Depth Analysis of Primary Literature E. Tour, C. Abdullah, J. Parris, R. Lie and A. Guzdar. UCSD. (559.20)

11:25    96.3          A Non-linear Career Path C.P. Bailey. Mount Mary Univ.

11:50                      Discussion.

Industry Careers

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 256

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Chaired: S. E. Barbour

3:55                        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00      110.1        Entrepreneurial Drug Hunter: A Trek for Breakthrough Medicines at the Academic-Industrial Interface T.K. Sawyer. Merck Res. Labs., Boston.

4:25                        Design and Implementation of a Professional Master of Science in Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science with Global Impact K.L. Clase and S.R. Byrn. Purdue Univ. (559.19)

4:40      110.2        Build a Successful Career in Industry by Attaining Multidisciplinary Knowledge and Experience M. Urh. Promega Corp., Madison.

5:05                        Teaching Professional Skills to Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors C.A. Sarisky and W.G. Hollis, Jr. Roanoke Col., VA. (559.4)

5:20                        A Practical Approach to Career Advising for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Majors P.J. Kennelly. VPI & State Univ. (559.10)

5:35      110.3        Diversifying Training Options for Undergraduate and Graduate Students to Support Industry Careers M. Wallert. Minnesota State Univ. Moorhead.

6:00                        Discussion.

Helping Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students Develop Professionally

Monday, March 30, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 256

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Chaired: B. Coughlin

9:45                        Chair’s Introduction.

9:50      227.1       You Need a Game Plan P.S. Clifford. Univ. of Illinois at Chicago.

10:15    227.2       A Holistic Approach to Training the Next Generation of Diverse Biomedical Researchers S.E. Barbour, J.A. Lloyd and S. Wu-Pong. Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

10:40                      SUNY/NYAS STEM Mentoring After School Program Statewide Scale Up Project, Year Three P. Ortiz, K. Breton, J. Duncan-Poitier, G. Elphick, M. Groome, J. Lansing and G. Moore. Univ. at Albany, SUNY, New York Acad. of Sci. and Gaylen Moore Prog. Eval. Svcs., NY. (559.37)

10:55                      Teen Meetings Outside the Box: Building Science Communication Skills through a Network of Graduate Level Trainees, Science Teachers, and High School Teens T.M. Evans, N. Blake, L.M. McManus and M.J. Lichtenstein. Univ. of Texas Hlth. Sci. Ctr. at San Antonio. (559.9)

11:10                      K-12 STEM Outreach: Ushering in the Next Generation of Scientists K.X. Mulligan. Vanderbilt Univ. (559.7)

11:25    227.3       Building Better Career Development Programs K. Micoli. NYU Sch. of Med.

11:50                      Discussion.

ASBMB Accreditation Workshop

Monday, March 30, 2015, 12:30 - 2:00 PM • Room 256

Learn about the ASBMB Accreditation Program, its requirements, how to apply, and how to best prepare students for the certification exam. Members of the ASBMB Education and Professional Development committee will share their advice and answer questions about the program.

 Changes in Medical Education

Monday, March 30, 2015, 3:55 PM - 6:10 PM • Room 256

Follow the conversation: #training

Chaired: C. P. Bailey

3:55                        Chair’s Introduction.

4:00      240.1       The Holistic Review Approach to Admissions J.M. de la Rosa. Texas Tech Univ. Hlth. Sci. Ctr. El Paso.

4:25                        Eureka! Energizing the Next Generation of Clinical Researchers K.E. Sawarynski, D. Baxa and M. Dereski. Oakland Univ. William Beaumont Sch. of Med. (559.5)

4:40      240.2       Testing Competencies with the New MCAT® Exam M. Kroopnick. Assn. of Amer. Med. Cols.

5:05                        A Web Repository of Research Literature Assessment Questions to Promote Student Learning and Acquisition of Scientific Reasoning and Inquiry Skills Necessary for Both the MCAT2015 and ASBMB Certification H. Jakubowski. Col. of St. Benedict, St. John’s Univ., MN. (559.6)

5:20                        Transforming Undergraduate Education in the Molecular Life Sciences – A Special Summer Symposium Q.C. Vega and M. Huff. Montclair State Univ., NJ and Bellarmine Univ., KY. (559.38)

5:35      240.3       MCAT 2015 and the Academy: Undergraduate, Graduate and Health Professional Ramifications C. Brenner. Univ. of Iowa.

6:00                        Discussion.

Integrating Evolution and Homeostasis with the Core Concepts of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

             Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 9:45 AM - 12:00 PM • Room 256

             Chaired: E. Bell          

             9:45        RCN-UBE: Integrating Evolution and Homeostasis with the Core Concepts of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology J.E. Bell, A. Aguanno, P. Mertz, M. Johnson and K.M. Fox. Univ. of Richmond, Union Col., NY, Univ. of Alabama, St Mary’s Col. of                            Maryland and Marymount Manhattan. (559.2)               


Small Group Work: Integrating Evolution and Homeostasis into the Core Concepts E. Bell, Univ. of Richmond A. Aguanno, Marymount Manhattan Col.

Group Discussion on Core Concept integration with Evolution A. Aguanno, Marymount Manhattan Col.

Group Discussion on Core Concept integration with Homeostasis P. Mertz, St. Mary's Col. of Maryland

Small Group Work: Question Development Involving Evolution and Homeostasis M. Johnson, Univ. of Alabama

Group Presentations and Discussion on Question Implementation K. Fox. Union Col.