ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition

Present your research among peers and gain valuable practice for your poster presentation during the main  Experimental Biology meeting. Graduate program recruiters will have informational tables open during the competition.

POSTER BOARD DIMENSIONS: Each board face measures 3’8” high/tall by 5’6” wide/long (landscape orientation).  Your poster will likely be smaller than the maximum dimensions, however, may not exceed these dimensions.

Eligibility requirements

  • Submit an abstract as an undergraduate first author to an ASBMB topic category by Nov. 18. No co-first authors are permitted  
  • Participant must be an undergraduate.

Poster competition application
All undergraduate first authors who submit an abstract to an ASBMB topic category by Nov. 18 will be invited in January 2019 to apply for the poster competition.

  • Travel awardees can register until January 4th, 2019 at 5PM EST.
  • Regular registration is open from January 24th 9:00 AM EST to January 28th 2:59 AM ESTRegistering for this event will not guarantee a spot. As we expect that more students will register to participate than we can accommodate, applicants will be selected at random to participate
  • You will receive an email confirmation when your application is received.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a registration confirmation in February with additional competition details.

All travel award recipients must apply for and participate in the poster competition. It is the responsibility of the individual travel award recipient to apply for the Undergraduate Poster Competition.

If you do not receive a registration confirmation, please contact to verify your registration status.

Poster competition rules

  • Posters must remain on display from 124:30 PM.
  • Participants must be present for the entirety of the scheduled competition and actively participate.
  • Poster manning times and poster board numbers are assigned at check-in the day of the competition.
  • Participants should consider airline schedules to ensure an on-time arrival for the poster competition.

Meeting registration
Onsite verification of undergraduate student status is required to pick up your badge. A student ID card or letter signed by your department head or research adviser is required.

Graduate program exhibitor information and registration
Judges information and registration

Undergraduate Poster Committee

  • Kathleen Cornely, Providence College, Chair 
  • Kimberly Dickinson, Lawrence University 
  • Phillip A. Ortiz, The State University of New York



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