Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline extended to 11:59 PM, PST, Sunday, November 18, 2018.  The abstract system will remain open for abstract submissions until Nov. 18.

Abstracts submitted by the Nov. 14 18 deadline will be programmed for poster presentation.

Oral presentation consideration will also be given to abstracts with presentation preference "oral" or "indifferent," selected during the submission process.

An oral presentation will be programmed in addition to the poster presentation. Programming decision notifications will be sent to all abstract authors and the abstract sponsor in late Jan. (Jan. 31, approximately)


Tips and tricks for writing great conference abstracts

Attending a conference has many perks: You can catch up with the newest research, make new friends, connect with potential employers and, perhaps most importantly, showcase your own work with a talk or poster. To that end, you usually have to submit a short abstract making a case for why you should be given the opportunity to present.
Given that you have only about 100 to 300 words to ingratiate yourself with busy readers, you have a fine needle to thread. Here are some ideas for how best to do that.

ASBMB abstract topics


Experimental Biology abstract submission guidelines:

  • Submission of an abstract to the Experimental Biology Meeting constitutes a commitment by the submitting/presenting author to attend the meeting and scientifically defend the work in the format assigned by the society (programming society is determined by the abstract topic selected during the submission process.
  • The entirety of the abstract (title, authors, affiliations and body of the abstract) cannot exceed 3,000 characters. Spaces are not included in the character count.
  • $75 nonrefundable abstract submission fee applies to each submission. The submission fee must be paid by credit card before the submission of an abstract is complete/"successfully submitted."
  • Abstracts are submitted through the Experimental Biology abstract submission site - a separate system from ASBMB's website. The submitter will set-up a unique user login to access the EB abstract submission system.
  • Changes and Withdrawals of abstracts are subject to the EB abstract policies posted on the abstract submission site. You must login to the submission system to request a change to or withdrawal of an abstract.
  • When an abstract sponsor is required, submitter must coordinate and confirm the details of the sponsor before starting the submission process, Sponsor's name, email address, phone number and society to which the sponsor is a member.

Who needs an abstract sponsor?

  • Student authors, Affiliate members and all non-members must have a regular member, in good standing, of ASBMB, AAA, APS, ASIP or ASPET (EB Host Societies) or an official EB Guest Society, serve as the sponsor of a submitted abstract.
  • Early Career members (postdoc of no more than 5 years), may sponsor their own abstract submission, but may not serve as a sponsor of another author's abstract. Early career faculty may sponsor their students' abstract.
  • Regular ASBMB members, active and in good standing, may serve as the sponsor of their own abstracts and/or serve as the sponsor of student or non-member abstracts. A regular member may serve as the sponsor of multiple abstracts.  
  • Affiliate members may not serve as a sponsor, including sponsoring their own abstract.  

What is the role of the abstract sponsor? 

  • By agreeing to be named an abstract sponsor, the sponsor agrees to adhere to the rules and the merit of the abstract submission and presentation.
  • Sponsors of submitted abstracts must confirm that all authors listed on the abstract had a significant role in the research being reported. 
  • Abstract submitter will identify the sponsor, during the abstract submission process, by providing the following information: sponsor name, email address, phone number and society to which the sponsor is a member.