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Programming Notifications for:

  • Late-breaking abstracts, were sent Wednesday, March 28, from EB2018Abstracts@mirasmart.com.  

  • Abstracts submitted by the Dec 7 submission deadline, were sent Thursday, February 15 and Wednesday, March 7, from EB2018Abstracts@mirasmart.com. 

To review your programming notification emails, login  to the EB2018 abstract submission system and select “Email History,” under the “My Account,” menu option, located on the upper right of the screen.


Late-breaking abstract deadline: Feb. 27.  The submission site is now closed.  

  • All late-breaking abstracts will be programmed for poster presentation on Wed., Apr. 25.  Official late-breaking abstract programming notifications will be sent from EB2018Abstracts@mirasmart.com at the end of March. 
  • Late-breaking submission deadline is Feb. 27 
  • Click here to view the ASBMB late-breaking topic categories.
  • Be sure to check out our tips and tricks for writing great conference abstracts.
  • Scroll down to learn more about abstract sponsor guidelines

Science Outreach Activity abstract deadline: Jan. 12. The submission site is now closed.

  • Science outreach activity posters will be presented on Sat., Apr. 21. Click here to learn more about outreach posters.   

Regular abstracts, submitted by the Dec. 8 deadline.

Thank you to our biochemistry and molecular biology community for your enthusiastic support of the ASBMB Annual Meeting program, as shown in the response to our call for abstracts!  

  • 1,700 volunteered abstracts were successfully submitted to ASBMB topic categories by the Dec 7 deadline – Thank you!
  • These abstracts will be programmed for poster presentation on the Sun., Mon. or Tues. of the meeting
  • Abstracts requesting oral or indifferent presentation type will now be reviewed by the program committee for additional oral programming consideration in ASBMB’s Spotlight Sessions (note: selected preference is not a guarantee of programming format)
  • Final programming format and scheduling will be emailed from EB2018@mirsmart.com in February 2018.   

Abstract Sponsor Guidelines 

  • Abstracts submitted to ASBMB topic categories may be sponsored by full regular members of any of the other EB-sponsoring societies (AAA, APS, ASBMB, ASIP, ASPET) or the official EB guest societies (refer to www.experimentalbiology.org for a complete list). 
  • By agreeing to be named the abstract sponsor, you adhere to the rules and the merit of the abstract submission and presentation. Sponsors of submitted abstracts must confirm that all authors listed on the abstract had a significant role in the research being reported. 
  • The abstract sponsor does not have to be an author on the submitted abstract.
  • Student authors and Non-members must have a regular member of ASBMB, or one of the other EB sponsoring societies, serve as the sponsor of a submitted abstract.
  • A sponsor should be identified and confirmed prior to beginning the online submission process. During the submission process you will have to provide the name, email address, telephone number and society to which the sponsor is a member. 
  • The sponsor will receive notification upon the successful submission of the abstract.
  • Student abstracts are most typically sponsored by the advisor/PI.    
  • Active, regular ASBMB members  may serve as the sponsor of their own abstracts and serve as the sponsor of student non-member abstracts.     
  • Associate members (postdoc of no more than 5 years), may sponsor their own abstract submission, but may not serve as sponsor of another author's abstract.   
  • Affiliate members may not serve as a sponsor, including sponsoring their own abstract.