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March 58, 2019

Deuel Conference on Lipids

(Dana Point, Calif.)

This year’s organizers are LRD member Peter Tontonoz of UCLA and Cynthia Hong of Novartis.

The Havel Lecture will be presented by Jake Lusis of the University of California, Los Angeles. His talk is titled “The power of natural variation: Sex differences and mitochondrial functions.”

Click here to see the program. 

March 31-April 4, 2019

Keystone Symposium | Lipidomics and Functional Metabolic Pathways in Disease

(Steamboat Springs, Col.)

The conference is organized by LRD members Sarah Spiegel and Charles Serhan (who will give the keynote address) with Lipid MAPS PI Valerie O’Donnell. Keep an eye out for workshops by Lipid MAPS and the Lipidomics Standardization Initiative.

April 6–10, 2019

ASBMB Annual Meeting

(Orlando, Fla.)

Advance registration will close on March 20. 

Be sure to check out an ASBMB Journal Symposium hosted by the Journal of Lipid Research on Monday, April 8, and a session on Lipid Metabolism on Tuesday, April 9.

April 14-18, 2019

Keystone symposium | Immunometabolism, metaflammation and metabolic disorders 

(Vancouver, B.C)

May 6-10, 2019

FEBS Special Meeting | Sphingolipid biology: Sphingolipids in physiology and pathology

(Cascais, Portugal)

LRD members Yusuf Hannun and Christopher Clarke of Stony Brook University are on the organizing committee for this sphingolipid-focused meeting, a joint project of the International Ceramide Conference committee and the Sphingolipid Club. Registration. Applications are open now through March 15. Click here for a list of speakers.

May 14-18, 2019

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Mechanisms of metabolic signaling

(Cold Spring Harbor, New York)

ASBMB members Jared Rutter of the University of Utah and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Susanne Mandrup of the University of Southern Denmark are co-organizing a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting on metabolic signaling in May with Mitchell Lazar of the University of Pennsylvania.

Find out more at the meeting website.

May 22-24, 2019

Yeast Lipid Conference

(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

LRD members Sepp Kohlwein and George Carman will present. Registration closes on April 12.

June 17-21, 2019

60th International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids

(Tokyo, Japan)

Registration is open now.

June 10-20, 2019

FEBS Advanced Lecture Course | Molecular Organization, Function and Dynamics of Biomembranes

(Cargese, France)

The list of confirmed lecturers includes LRD members Vytas Bankaitis and Todd Graham, along with fellow lipid researchers from across Europe and the U.S.

Applications are now open.

June 16-21, 2019

Gordon Research Conference | From Molecular and Cellular Insights to Therapeutic Approaches in Atherosclerosis

(Newry, Maine)

Application deadline: May 19.

July 28-August 2, 2019

FASEB Conference | The lysophospholipid and related mediators conference: from bench to clinic

(Lisbon, Portugal.)

The organizers write, “The main themes of this conference are:

1) Identify specific roles for S1P and LPA, and other lysolipids in multiple disease states;

2) Define common links in lysophospholipid biology that will lead to collaboration and enable translation of current research into improvements in human health;

3) Explore disease biomarkers specifically linked with LPA/S1P receptor-mediated response that will lead to development of novel lysophospholipid-targeted therapeutics.”

Learn more here

July 27-28, 2019

Gordon Research Seminar | Lipid Remodeling: from molecular mechanisms to biological functions

(Waterville Valley, N.H.)

LRD member Michele Alves-Bezerra co-chairs this meeting with Mike Renne. To give an oral presentation, apply by April 27.

July 28Aug. 2, 2019

Gordon Research Conference | Spatiotemporal regulation of the lipidome

(Waterville Valley, N.H.)

The meeting, held in conjunction with the research seminar above, is chaired by LRD members Todd Graham and Dan Raben.

August 12-14, 2019

Kern Lipid Conference

(Aspen, Colorado)

Registration is now open. Graduate students and postdocs, transitional and junior faculty can apply for a variety of awards until April 30. 

August 11-16, 2019

Gordon Research Conference | Insights into skin barrier function from in silico models to in vivo pathology 

(Waterville Valley, N.H.)

Oct. 2023, 2019

Eicosanoid Research Foundation | Bioactive lipids in cancer, inflammation and related diseases

(St. Petersburg, Fla.) 

An invitation for nominees for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award has been extended. Click here for more information.

Abstract submission will begin March 1, 2019.