Science Education

The ASBMB offers a number of science education resources:

As a society focusing on biochemistry and molecular biology, the ASBMB does not issue recommendations for K-12 science education. However, the society believes scientists from every career stage are in a key position to demonstrate enthusiasm for and provide expertise in the molecular life sciences to K-12 students and teachers. The ASBMB provides a number of resources to encourage members to engage in outreach activities. The Public Outreach division organizes these resources, which include a number of monetary awards to support member outreach activities.    

The society also advocates on issues relating to science education at all levels. These activities are coordinated by the office of Public Affairs.

The ASBMB accredits undergraduate programs in biochemistry and provides recommended curricula for undergraduate biochemistry programs and for the pre-medical path. The Concept-Driven Teaching Strategies program is a major education initiative supported by the society and the National Science Foundation to develop a resource library containing classroom tools to help biochemistry and molecular biology educators in their teaching practices.

Other resources

Graduation survey - The ASBMB surveys baccalaureate, master's and graduate programs in biochemistry and molecular biology annually.
General bioethics information
STEM education reports
Other online resources