2017 Honor Society inductees T-Z

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Carmel Tovar, Stephen F. Austin State University Carmel Tovar
Carmel Tovar is a junior at Stephen F. Austin State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry with a minor in biology. Originally entering college as a history major, she quickly realized that science was her passion when she was enrolled in a general chemistry course. Currently, Carmel is a senior member in Dr. Odutayo Odunuga’s biochemistry laboratory. Carmel attended her first Experimental Biology meeting in April 2016 where she presented her research alongside Dr. Odunuga. This experience opened her eyes to the countless possibilities of research and sparked her interest in earning in M.D./Ph.D. after graduation. On campus, Carmel is president of the ASBMB chapter of the SFASU, a member of The Latino Medical Student Association, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Carmel is also a teaching assistant for chemistry labs and tutor in the Academic Assistance and Resource Center on campus. During her free time, Carmel enjoys playing music, kickboxing, and spending time with friends.

Tiffany Truong, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Tiffany Truong
Tiffany Truong is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in chemistry and biochemistry with minors in biology and mathematics. She first became interested in science in middle school and competed on the Science Olympiad team. She continued her involvement into high school, later becoming president of the Science Olympiad team and taking second place at the national tournament in 2013. She took a strong interest in chemistry and biology upon taking the corresponding AP courses. Since beginning her research position the summer after her junior year of high school, Tiffany has been the co-author of two ACS Chemical Biology publications, is a Barry Goldwater Scholar honorable mention, and is a current Institutional Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence Scholar. Under the direction of Dr. Clifford Stains, she is currently working on a project regarding the detection of protein aggregation in living cells with self-assembling luciferase fragments for application in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

On campus, Tiffany is a chemistry teaching assistant, volunteers in the emergency department of Bryan Health Hospital, and serves as a student mentor and event supervisor for the Nebraska State Science Olympiad Tournament. She is also a medical scribe for the People’s City Mission Free Medical Clinic, the president of the American Medical Student Association, a peer mentor for the University Honors Program and a member of The Innocents Society, the Chancellor’s Senior Honorary. Upon graduation, Tiffany plans to partake in academic medicine, conducting biomedical research while practicing clinical care as a physician-scientist.

Stacey Uchendu, Wesleyan University Stacy Uchendu
Stacey Uchendu’s childhood dream was to become a research scientist who investigated plants in the Amazon rainforest to find cures for different diseases. As an extension to her foundational aspirations, her present research interests center on biomedical research that can be readily translated into drug development. Stacey conducted research at Wesleyan under the guidance of Dr. Erika A. Taylor. Her research project involved working to optimize dioxygenases found in a bacterium called Sphingobium sp.-SYK- 6. On campus, she is the president of the Wesleyan African Student Association. During her free time, she enjoys writing surrealistic and dystopian short stories, trying out interesting recipes and dancing to West African drums.

Allison Vlach, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Allison Vlach
Allison Vlach is a senior biochemistry major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. During the summer of freshman year she joined Dr. Melanie Simpson’s research lab and worked on a project researching an enzyme involved in prostate cancer metastasis. On campus, she is a member of the Chancellor’s senior honor society, an undergraduate research ambassador and biochemistry student ambassador, and I have been a teaching assistant for several different science classes. After graduating she plans to attend medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her career goals are to serve as a physician in underserved communities and become involved in healthcare policy to increase healthcare affordability and accessibility, specifically mental healthcare. Her hobbies include swimming, biking, running, painting, piano, cross-stitching and coffee dates with friends.

Rosie Wenrich, Marymount Manhattan College

Connor White, University of Arizona Connor White
Connor White is a senior majoring in biochemistry at the University of Arizona. Since his sophomore year, Connor has been working in the Dr. Jacob Schwartz research lab. There he has been learning the basics of biochemistry research, and has run experiments and a senior thesis project based on the cloning of ALS-associated proteins. After graduating, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.
On campus, Connor is the president of the University of Arizona CATalyst Club. Devoted to science outreach, the CATalyst Club goes to schools across Tucson to teach k-12 students about scientific and mathematical concepts through hands-on demonstrations. He also participates in his local ASBMB Student Chapter, the University of Arizona Biochemistry Club. Through this club, he has been able to participate in outreach events as well as the student-run BECUR conference, which showcases undergraduate research at the University of Arizona. In his free time, Connor listens to heavy metal music and reads science-fiction and fantasy novels.