2017 Honor Society Inductees K-L

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Garrett Kandell, Otterbein University Garrett Kandell
Garrett Kandell attends Otterbein University and majors in biochemistry and molecular biology and minor in biology and chemistry. After graduation he plans to attend medical school. His current research project involves identifying and characterizing novel developmental genes in Streptomyces. He has presented his research at several symposiums and conferences including the 2016 Ohio Branch American Society for Microbiology. This year he is presenting at both the regional and national ASM conference in New Orleans. The ASBMB inspired Garrett to start an ASM Student Chapter at Otterbein University. He participates in scientific outreach in both organizations. He also is a member of the Habitat for Humanity club on campus. Through Habitat he had the opportunity to participate in collegiate challenges during spring break and this has been one of the most rewarding experiences during his time as an undergraduate.

Brianna Kellar, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Brianna Kellar
Brianna has been involved in research at the University of Nebraska’s biochemistry department for two years. This research has mainly focused on the Stabilin-1 and Stabilin-2 protein receptors. She also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for general chemistry.

Outside of class, Brianna volunteers in the labor ward, emergency department and burn center at CHI St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. She also has volunteered at the People’s City Mission Free Health Clinic and Friendship Home in Lincoln, Neb., which is a women’s shelter providing refuge for women in abusive relationships. Brianna plans to pursue medical degree after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

Kelsey Kines, University of Richmond Kelsey Kines
Kelsey is a senior at the University of Richmond and her passion for science began when she was accepted to the University of Richmond Integrated Science Experience. She conducted an independent research project studying the active site of Malate Dehydrogenase in Dr. Ellis Bell’s lab. Kelsey also participated in research at the Scripps Research Institute under Dr. Eric Zorrilla. The research focused on the metabolic and hormonal adaptations in rats. This opportunity allowed her to realize her passion for translational and clinical research. On campus, Kelsey has served as president of her sorority, tutored multiple STEM courses, and is a member of the ASBMB chapter at Richmond. The ASBMB chapter has allowed Kelsey to meet other students studying and conducting research in biochemistry. After graduating, she plans to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. program.

Sean Kirk, Otterbein University Sean Kirk
Sean Kirk knew he wanted to pursue a career in science after taking and anatomy and physiology class in high school. He is conducting research in Dr. Jennifer Bennett’s lab at Otterbein University. The lab works with Streptomyces, a soil bacteria responsible for over two-thirds of medically utilized antibiotics.

On campus, Sean helps run Otterbein’s Global Medical Brigades chapter. Global Brigades is an organization that brings students to developing countries to provide medical care for underserved communities. Last summer the chapter went to Panama, and the experience fueled Sean’s desire to pursue a career in the medical field after graduation. After attaining his medical degree he plans to join Doctors Without Borders. During his free time, he enjoys spending time outside and playing piano. Being a part of Otterbein University’s ASBMB student chapter has helped him learn about many opportunities and has improved his networking skills.

Gloria Le, University of Arizona Gloria Le

Gloria Le is a senior at the University of Arizona Honors College majoring in biochemistry and molecular & cellular biology. She began her research career as a high school intern in the department of pharmacy and toxicology in Dr. Serrine Lau’s lab. She returned to her lab in the fall of her freshman year as an undergraduate biological research program fellow and conducted research on chemotherapy adjuvants of prostate cancer. She is currently studying Mucolipidosis type IV, a lysosomal storage disorder, in Dr. Johnny Fares lab at the University of Arizona. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in pharmacology after finishing her research in Dr. Fare’s lab.

On campus, Gloria serves as the president of the University of Arizona’s ASBMB Student Chapter. Participating in the Student Chapters program has allowed her to develop leadership skills while working with students to create a close-knit organization of undergraduate scientists. The most significant part of her experience has been the opportunity to share her passion for science with the Tucson community through STEM outreach. She enjoys baking desserts for friends and family. She picked up the hobby because of her interest in chemistry and great affinity for sweets.

Barry Liang, St. Mary's College of Maryland