2017 Honor Society Inductees D-G

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Brooke D'Arcy, Rochester Institute of Technology

Andrew Egger, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Andrew Egger
Andrew is a junior biochemistry major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. For the past two years, he has participated in biomedical research at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln under the supervision of Dr. Harris. He works with the Stabilin receptors in the effort to make pharmaceuticals more efficient and effective. Andrew is the ASBMB chapter leader and president of the Biochemistry Club at his school. Through this dual position and his work as a department tutor, he promotes undergraduate academics, research, and community outreach. Most of the outreach events involve preforming science experiments for kindergarten and preschool classrooms locally. Andrew is also a biochemistry department ambassador and was recently selected to be the undergraduate representative for the biochemistry department five-year review. In his free time, Andrew enjoys rock climbing and playing ultimate frisbee as a member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Men’s Ultimate Club.

Taylor Engdahl, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Jennafir Ernst, Stockton University Jennafir Ernst
Jennafir Ernst is conducting a research project in genetics under the supervision of Dr. Guy Barbato. Their research focuses on the enzymatic pathways that effect the red and brown eye color pigments of Drosophila melanogaster. Jennafir and her peers developed and currently preside over their college’s Biochemistry Society, Stockton University’s ASBMB chapter. The club focuses on outreach in the community in an effort to encourage people of all ages to develop an interest in and involvement with the STEM fields. This opportunity has helped her develop leadership skills and experience in working with children and adults. She plans to continue organizing community-centered education in her future career. Jennafir’s career goal is to enroll into medical school. 

Kaileen Fei, Wesleyan University Kaileen Fei
Kaileen Fei is a senior at Wesleyan University majoring in molecular biology and biochemistry, and neuroscience and behavior. Her research project at Wesleyan focuses on the interaction between HU and Holliday junctions using protein crystallization as well as fluorescence spectroscopy methods. Her hobbies are hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding. Kaileen also loves to play music and has been a teaching assistant for advanced molecular biology and biochemistry classes at Wesleyan. After graduating, she plans to attend medical school and earn her medical degree.