2015 Honor Society Inductees L-M

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Chun Li
Chun’s interest in science originated from research in high school. To identify answers to questions not found in textbooks was his primary motivation to become a researcher in science. Upon entering college, Chun is working on developing a technique named multi-wavelength collisional quenching to study ligand protein interactions in glutamate dehydrogenase. Besides research, he works as the president of the ASBMB student chapter at his college, promoting students’ interest in biochemistry. The chapter has enabled him to meet people sharing the same interests and develop his leadership skills in organizing events and chapter meetings. He also serves as the board member for international student advisory board as well as students’ conduct council on campus. Music, especially playing piano and violin, and meditation are his favorite activities in college, as they bring him joy and peace. After graduating from college, he will attend a graduate school in public health first and then apply to medical schools. His goal is to become a physician and a researcher in the field of medicine so that he can use his knowledge to help people.

Ryan Louer
Ryan LouerRyan first became truly interested in science when he was in elementary school. Science was always a subject that he would get excited about learning. At Purdue University, Ryan serves as the president of the Purdue Biochemistry Club, as an ambassador for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and as a team leader for Boiler Gold Rush, a freshman orientation program at Purdue. As of now, he plans to attend medical school after graduation, with the goal of becoming a surgeon. His hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, skiing, reading, and travelling. He is currently working in a lab studying the SUMO protein in Tetrahymena, specifically working on characterizing the effects of mutation on a highly conserved motif of SUMO. The ASBMB has provided him with many great funding opportunities; he has received a travel grant to present his research at the 2015 ASBMB annual meeting, and the Purdue Biochemistry Club received a grant to continue and expand outreach activities. Ryan is excited to see what his future involvement with the ASBMB has in store for him.

Hugh Manoli
Hugh ManoliHugh (H.D.) Manoli, Jr. is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he first became interested in the life sciences after enjoying his high school biology class. He is currently a senior biology and neuroscience double major at Wesleyan University and works in a molecular biology lab that studies the structure and function of the synaptonemal complex - a proteinaceous structure that assembles between homologous chromosomes during meiosis and is essential for proper chromosome segregation. He is currently doing a project to help characterize a functionally important part of the major structural component of SC called the Zip1 protein using genetic and cytological techniques. When he is not in lab, he enjoys drawing, listening to podcasts, tutoring at a student-run afterschool program, and being a member of the ASBMB chapter on campus which provides him with many helpful resources. Hugh eventually hopes to pursue a career as a research physician, but plans on traveling and working as a research assistant in either a neurobiology or immunology lab after graduation.

Anastasia Murthy
Anastasia MurthyAnastasia became interested in science when she started her college career at Suffolk University and got hands-on experience in the lab. She is currently part of the Berkmen lab which studies a Bacillus subtilis mating protein. She will continue onto graduate school to obtain her Ph.D. in biochemistry in the fall. Our ASBMB chapter partners with the Cambridge Science Festival to put on events that bring science to the greater community of Boston. In addition to this, she has spent time tutoring undergraduates and has developed a love for teaching science. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, going on hikes, and travelling the world.