ASBMB Day of Service

Show your love for science and outreach by participating in the annual ASBMB Day of Service. We encourage all ASBMB Student Chapters to organize activities that encourage communication with the broader community. In the past, chapters have organized blood drives, organ or bone marrow donation awareness programs, as well as science camps for local children.

Example activities include:

  • Host a science camp for local students  
  • Invite the community to campus for a science talk  
  • Organize a blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross or a local blood bank  
  • Host an organ or bone marrow donation awareness program in conjunction with Be The Match or UNOS   

Get the word out by:

  • Contacting your university communications office well before the event  
  • Sending a press release to the on-campus and/or local newspaper and/or radio station  
  • Posting on university or chapter social media  
  • Submitting an article to The Substrate  
  • Sharing information about your event on the Student Chapters Facebook page  

Tips on hosting a successful event:

  • Start early!  
  • Partners can enhance your event. Consider on-campus or community partners early in your planning process.  
  • Choose a date that will work well for your intended participants. For example, don’t schedule a camp during school hours unless you’re partnering with a school.  
  • Make sure your event is well publicized. If people don’t know about it, they can’t come.  
  • Keep good records. Annual events are the easiest way for a chapters to continue service work.  
  • Find a way to make your event an opportunity to educate the public about biochemistry and molecular biology.  
  • Send your information, thoughts and pictures to to be featured in ASBMB materials.