October 2017

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Prolab's Human Chemistry

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Shattered dreams


  • The ASBMB is accepting applications from those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria for small grants (up to $2,000) for personal or professional use. Our colleagues in need of financial assistance should apply here. Applicants need not be ASBMB members. Questions about the grant program should be emailed to asbmb@asbmb.org.

  • The ASBMB released a statement in response to President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The ASBMB encourages Congress to codify DACA into law.

  • The ASBMB has a new membership system to better serve our members. Please sign in to verify that the information in your profile, particularly your mailing address, is correct. We encourage you to take this opportunity to update your profile as needed.

  • The 2018 ASBMB Annual Meeting will be held April 21–25 in San Diego. Abstract submission begins in September!  


2019 Special Symposia proposals

Partner with the ASBMB and submit a 2019 symposium proposal.  Click here  for the guidelines and application. The deadline to receive 2019 symposium proposals is  Dec. 5 .

ASBMB Today October 2017

This month, we tell you all about PROLAB, a travel grant program that helps emerging scientists from overseas gain experience in labs in the U.S. and Canada. We also remember C.C. Wang, a crusader against parasitic diseases, and you can find out all about the scientific sessions scheduled for the 2018 annual meeting.   

Journal News

JBC submission system change

We are excited to announce that JBC has installed a  new submission system  (eJournalPress). We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this very important transition.

On the costs of scientific publishing

In a  new editorial , Journal of Biological Chemistry Editor-in-Chief Lila M. Gierasch discusses the costs of scientific publishing and solicits feedback from the community.

Member News

Member Michael W. Young wins Nobel

Congratulations to Michael W. Young, as well as Jeffrey C. Hall and Michael Rosbash, upon receiving the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology for discovering the mechanisms responsible for maintaining circadian rhythm!

Rao receives UTenn Malloy professorship

Gadiparthi Rao, distinguished professor in the department of physiology in the College of Medicine at the  University of Tennessee Health Science Center , has received the George and Elizabeth Malloy Professorship.

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