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May 2015

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ASBMB Today May 2015

May 4, 2015 — On our cover, we feature biochemist Peggy A. Whitson, who will head out again next year to the International Space Station, where she will conduct experiments for many Earth-bound scientists. 

2015 Undergraduate Poster Competition winnersAAwardApril 7, 2015 -- Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 19th Annual Undergraduate Poster Competition. 

Journal News

MCP Special Issue: Call for Papers - Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Special Issue

Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Call for PapersMay 4, 2015 - Molecular & Cellular Proteomics invites submissions for a special issue on chromatin biology and epigenetics.  

Epigenetics refers to mechanisms that regulate gene expression in the absence of DNA sequence changes (e.g., histone post-translational modifications [PTMs], DNA modifications, and small non-coding RNAs). In recent years, epigenetic mechanisms have been found to impact a diverse amount of fundamental biological functions and human diseases. In keeping with the broad scope of chromatin and epigenetics, we seek contributions of a diverse nature. Both mini-reviews and original research papers are encouraged.
JBC Thematic Minireview Series: Cell Biology of G-Protein Signaling

January 20, 2015 — This thematic series is on the topic of cell signaling from a cell biology perspective, with a particular focus on G proteins. Authors discuss biosensors that are being used to monitor G protein signaling events in live cells, the implementation of antibody-based biosensors to dissect endosome signaling by G proteins and their receptors, and the function of a non-receptor, cytoplasmic activator of G protein signaling, called GIV (Girdin). Collectively the advances described in these articles provide a deeper understanding and emerging opportunities for new pharmacology.

Read all of the articles in this series here

Member News

ASBMB Members Named HHMI Professors

HHMI LogoThe Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) announced 15 scientist-educators who have been named HHMI professors. Each will receive $1 million over five years "to create activities that integrate their research with student learning in ways that enhance students' understanding of science." Forty scientists have been named HHMI professors since the program began in 2002.

New members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Academy 2013 The American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced in late April the election of 198 new members who will be inducted at a ceremony in October in Cambridge, Mass. Six ASBMB members were elected.  


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