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Career Symposia

Each symposium provides a unique opportunity to network with fellow scientists, to learn about traditional and non-traditional career options, related hot topics and the role and importance of professional membership organizations like ASBMB.

Symposia consist of up to one full day of programming that includes invited talks focused on a variety of career topics.  Format for talks and inclusion of a poster session will be based on the programming decisions of local organizers.

We are currently accepting proposals for career Symposia on a rolling basis.  Find out more about submitting a proposal




No events are upcoming at this time.




Stony Brook University, March 19, 2013 Meeting Program 
Organizers: Krithika Venkataraman,
Peter Chahales and Nadine Dalrymple 


University of Cincinnati, March 19, 2013 Meeting Program                                               

Organizer: Sandra Degan   


University of Toronto, June 28, 2013
 Meeting Program
Organizer: Nana Lee






University of Missouri, September 21, 2013
Meeting ProgramOrganizer: Hannah Alexander 





Pittsburgh, 2012 
San Francisco, 2012
Chicago, 2010
New Jersey, 2010