Ruma V. Banerjee and Stephen W. Ragsdale
Banerjee and Ragsdale are professors in the department of biochemistry at the University of Michigan and partners in life as well. In this article, ASBMB Today looks at their research and how they balance life and the lab.
W. Neal Burnette
Burnette made his seminal contribution to molecular biology and biochemistry as a postdoc and went on to have an unusual career.
Gary Felsenfeld
From DNA structure to gene expression, Felsenfeld has done a lot during his five decades at the NIH.
Anne-Claude Gingras
Using the power of proteomics, Gingras is providing new insights into phosphatase activity, regulation and interaction.
David Goodsell
Spectacular drawings by Goodsell showcase scientific knowledge and creativity.
Richard Hanson
Artist, educator, biochemist and more...learn about longtime ASBMB member Hanson.
Billy Hudson
Billy Hudson’s life continues to inspire the Aspirnaut Initiative for K – 12 STEM education.
Anne-Frances Miller
Miller, an associate professor at the University of Kentucky and director of the university's nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy facility, will never cease to be fascinated by enzymes.
Robert Schimke
Schimke has ditched the pipettes and gels for paintbrushes and canvases. An emeritus professor from Stanford University’s department of biological sciences, Schimke’s scientific portfolio is tremendous.
Michael Snyder
At the age of 54, Snyder at Stanford University had a project that required his mother’s help. The project, which would catapult Snyder into the headlines of science media outlets, was the integrative personal -omics profile, iPOP.
George Stark
Stark’s enthusiasm for understanding signaling pathways and developing biochemical methods is infectious.