August 2013

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Comments from various issues of ASBMB Today


Spreading the word about health disparities

The Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing in the Texas Medical Center in Houston hosted the 11th annual Disparities in Health in America Summer Workshop in mid-June.


NIH to begin mass retirement of research chimpanzees

The National Institutes of Health will begin retiring many of the nearly 1,000 captive chimpanzees to the Federal Sanctuary System, leaving roughly 50 for future experimentation needs.


Unearthing hidden gems in the ASBMB archives

Discovery: It’s what you’re about. But ferreting out the prized, charming and peculiar pieces of your field’s history isn’t exactly something you have a ton of time to do, which is why we decided to do it for you in a new website called Source Files.


In other news

This news roundup was compiled by ASBMB Today contributor Teodora Donisan. Send links of interest to for possible inclusion in future issues.

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